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May 31, 2007


Diane J.

Yay!!! Faith posted again! ;-)

Boy do I ever need to lose some weight. I did Weight Watchers 20 years ago with mixed results but that was before the points system they use now. I hope you all do well with it Faith.

Love and hugs,



That's awesome! Good for you!


Hey Girl! I love WW! I lost almost 40 pounds on it. I have fallen off the wagon lately because I haven't been able to go to the meetings. I am coaching Jess' softball team and the meetings are on the same nights as games. But as soon as it is over I am right back in there. It is great to have supporters, it truly helps! Good luck with it!

Laurel Wreath

Keep up the great work girl, you can do!!!!

kelli in the mirror

Go Faith! 8 pounds in one week? That's incredible!


You just made a wonderful life decision, Faith. My daughter Krissy joined WW just a little over two months ago and has lost 28 pounds and dropped from a size 14 to a 10. She told me that following the point system is easy peasy and she never feels deprived or hungry. She's steadily dropping two to three pounds a week. I'm soooo proud of her and you should be proud of yourself,too. Eight pounds the first week is amazing. Go you!

grafted branch

8 pounds?! That's incredible! Well done! :)


You go, girl!!! I still think you're beautiful even though you have double cleavage!

Sunshine is on a seriously-serious diet issued only to prisoners of war ... but she's loosing weight too, and looks faaaa-buuu-less!!!

I'm so glad you're posting again!!!


You go girl!!!
I am a Weight Watchers drop-out. Lost 15 pounds earlier in the year and then fell off the wagon. Really need to start again! GOOD LUCK!!!!


Congrats on the weight loss! I know about the stupid thyroid problems and weight gain...it's NO fun!! But now I'm pregnant and can't seem to gain weight; what's up with that? WW has always worked for me (when I'm not pregnant and lighter than ever, that is!).


way to go! i would use up all my points by 10am!! ha!


Get that thyroid checked. It will cause a lot of other problems if you don't!!! I would change docs if you were gaining as the thyroid meds went up - that's not right. Have you been to an endocronologist?? My family doc woudln't touch mine at first - now they're working with me becuase of insurance and money issues - I refuse to pay $100 for less than 5 minutes of actually talking to the doc and getting blood drawn every 3 months!!!

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