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May 22, 2007



Don't listen to them my friend. My best-friend has been trying to sell her house here in GA for 5 months now and she has done everything like that the relator suggested and it hasn't made any difference.

How exciting a new grandbaby. Glad all are doing well.

No Reimer Reason

Congrats on the new Grandbaby!

That would be hard to take down all the personal items. They are what help make a house feel like home, even if you are planning on leaving it soon.

Diane J.

Phooey on that realtor! A house will either appeal to someone or it won't, no matter how it's decorated.

Congrats, fellow grandma! Glad to hear all is well with Mama and baby. :-)

I'll bet your little man is so big now! Hope you post some new pictures soon....Hint hint. ;-)

It's so good to see you posting again. Hope you're back posting regularly. I've missed you, Faith. :-)

Love and hugs,



Good Lord you have a lot going on in your life!!! It's nice to see you post and catch up with you. I hope all goes well with the sale of your house. BTW... You never did say who your visitor was???


WHOO HOOO... great to see you up and around in the blog world again!

Congrats on the new baby!! So I'm curious with the realtor thing... is he saying they are too distracting because they are so good he may not sell a home but they may want to find the photographer?! :-)

I've heard to remove clutter off counters etc... but pictures from walls?! That adds to the "home" part of it!! It shows a family can live in the home quite comfortably!!

Great to see you back!!


Great to see you back, Faith! Congratulations on that sweet new bundle of love.

I'll be praying for your house selling . . . with all pictures intact until you must vacate the premises . . . maybe you'll need a new realtor before this is all over.


Oh CONGRATS! What a joyful time!

Moving - ugh! I'll pray your house sells fast (never know around here these days!). I say leave the pics up - it adds the feeling of love and happiness all over the house (that's what I would feel when we'd view homes!)


Yeah, they're really militant about the whole house-staging thing these days. I just helped my sister stage her home (I'm in Texas, she's in Seattle, we did it via phone and 'net) and we both groused loudly about putting all the family photos away.

"We want them to picture their family in this house, not yours."

Oy vay!


Congrats on the newest addition to your family! How exciting!

I've never sold/bought a home before, but I was just reading an article the other day about "staging" your home and it basically did say to take pretty much all "personal" things off the walls etc, including pictures/portraits so the potential buyers can envision their own things or something like that. I wouldn't know where to store all my stuff if I had to do that though!

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