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February 23, 2006



Beautiful, Faith. I appreciate the way you so highly honored him in writing this. I'm grateful to those who volunteer to be this nation's heroes.


I agree - so beautiful. We are so lucky to have men like your father who fight for our freedoms. And we should also be grateful and appreciative to the families that also make the sacrifice of sharing their loved ones to fight for our country.


Very touching! Thanks for sharing a personal part of "you!"


Okay, you made me tear up! I still have my dad, but we've been having a few scares lately with him. (Turns out he has to have the same type of brain surgery I had a year ago. So I got my "bad brain" from him!) Anyway, my dad is one of my heroes too. Too often I take him for granted. Thanks for reminding me not to do that! And if you think of it, please offer up a prayer for my dad!


That was a tough one to get through!

Mama B

That is so sweet and beautiful!! I'm going to call my dad right now and tell him how I feel. Yes, he's my hero too and I haven't told him yet!!


I must agree with Courtney..... VERY hard to get through for me as well. We all miss him dearly.....The way you described the funeral was truly how it was for all of us. He was a wonderful Grandpa.


I needed this!! I need to make a phone call!!

Anne Glamore

I loved this- My mom died four months ago and I've written about it twice (Nov- "Embracing My Mom" and "A Blessing") and it's always nice to see other people who've been thru the death of a loved one put that journey into words.


You are right. Very handsome. Very brave. What an honor it must have been to know him. Thank you for sharing a little bit of him in this post.


What a lovely, father-honoring post. My father died 12 years ago and I miss him terribly, still. I can only imagine how YOU felt when you got that phone call. This reminds me I'm not alone. Thank you for sharing.

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