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February 28, 2006



Naaah, they were intimidated by your 'had it togetherness.'

(Is it customary to get a Tue night visit if you visit a new Sunday school class, or did you just have a hunch that someone was coming?)


Well, yeah a visit is typical.Plus, they mentioned visiting a visitor from the past Sunday. I just KNEW they were coming. How many Tues. nights do I have to keep the house clean? ;D


Are you already a member of the church? Sometimes at my church (it's huge) they don't go visit if you are already a member of the church. Or maybe they wait until you come 2 times.


Great Dane? OH, I miss my great dane!
As for the visit...I never got a visit.. just a card.. :-( Guess seeing us a few times a week was all they could handle! hehe


That is too funny! It will be interesting to see if the visit happens and how many Tues. nights you actually prepare for it before you are caught off guard just after you stop preparing! LOL!! Did any of that previous sentence make sense or was it just a run-on!!!!!!! LOL!!!


Who was supposed to come over? One family or a whole class?

I've prepared for big crowds who said they were coming only to have a wee little crowd actually show. It's an awful feeling.


Well, typically just a few people from the class. They just come to welcome you etc. We are members of the church -it is huge - and have been for years. That's how I know how visitation works. I've done it myself. Maybe, they had no volunteers for Tues. Maybe it will be a sneak attack - I mean visit. ;D


Faith, thanks for stopping by and visiting me. You have posted such beautiful pictures! I hope everything works out with the Sunday School class. Maybe they forgot ?

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