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March 22, 2006



Those pics were fun to look at - thanks for sharing. I recognized the furniture and baby stuff as similar in color and style to what I grew up with. hehe. :-)


1. Yes, I know exactly what TG&Y stores were. We had one in our dinky little hometown, Trumann, Arkansas. Daddy gave me and my little sis $1 allowance each week and we got to spend it there every payday.
2. I actually remember wearing the little white high-top leather shoes like your son is wearing. One of my earliest memories is Daddy putting those shoes on the woodpile behind the cast iron heater to warm for me so I wouldn't have to put on cold shoes. Thanks for the memory. :)
3. Your legs are longer than my entire body!! It's not fair. I am only 5'3", and your legs look longer than that. ;)

Happy anniverary, and many happy returns. I'll bet you've got just a little "We told you so" going on with the ones who looked down their pious noses at you and said it would never last. ;)

You go, girl!!!


What a great story Faith! And you were so beautiful then! Wow! :) You are still beautiful now. I loved the pictures, I really did!



Ah, yes, I remember the polyester well. Note, I did not say I remembered it FONDLY. ;)

I just found your blog while looking up "Tuesday Treasure". This is something I will try to participate with in the future. How cool!

And tomorrow, I'm checking in for your Thursday 13. What little I've already seen on your blog, just fascinating. Uplifting writing. I look forward to reading more.


OOOH! I just noticed the Signing Time DVD on your sidebar. These are AMAZING to watch. Two of my three boys are deaf with cochlear implants, and the Signing Time videos were THE BEST help to me, when teaching my boys to sign.

Debi D

I love the pictures...brings back memories of my own first-child days...and thanks for sharing your story...what a testimony of God's love and mercy and grace.

Debi D

Hey...I just saw your other photos on your sidebar....what beautiful pictures!


y'all were so cute! I remember furniture like that. And i remember TG&Y, a little.


what a story! but it sounds as if God took what could've been a disaster and transformed it into something so beautiful! you certainly don't look 40ish :-)


What a beautiful story you have to tell! Loved the pictures!

I remember TG&Y and I grew up in the midwest. :-)


I don't know what you are talking about you look GREAT! What a beautiful testimony of the power of love.


Cute pictures! I wasn't thought of until 1982, but my sister was born in 1975, so we have similar looking pictures at my house too!!


Thanks for sharing this story. I am having some trouble with my connection this A.M. so can't view the pic's in larger format. I am also having trouble getting this comment to post... so I'm going to end it and try AGAIN!


Awww - those pics are so cute! And my my my you were and still are so so pretty! Your testimony is just another way of God showing us how soverign he is! What a way to stand above everyone else during that time. And 27.5 years later the romance continues! :)


27 1/2 years!! Way to go, you guys! What a beautiful family you've created in that time!


What a blessed story - your life! How wonderful that you two were able to overcome difficult beginnings and live as you have! Congratulations


Still just as beautiful as ever! I love your pictures , especially the ones of you and your son!


Okay I'm no math wiz but I think 1979 - 17 = the same year I was born!!! Woohoo, found someone my age. It's funny how so many of the pieces of furniture or toys are the same in our family photos.


Didn't have to do the math since my dh was 17/18 that year. ;-)

I love to read stories like this. Too often we think our lives have to be perfect (from birth on) for us to serve the Lord. Too often we assume all people will be just like the statistics tell us they will be. Fortunately God doesn't go by the world's statistics. :-)


hello - I came by looking for tuesday's treasures too.

I loved reading this. I also remember TG&Y. Been a long time since I heard it but I remember it. And the only math I had to do was to add a few years since I was 4 in 1979.


FIFTEEN DOLLARS FOR A SWING??? Girl, I dropped $99 for a swing, and was happy I didn't go over $100!

Ahh, those were the days.

emma aka the bee's knees

wow, jump into life with two feet and all fingers and toes!! Now things are different but you are still blessed!! Thanks for sharing your pics. They are great!

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