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March 02, 2006



My primary school teacher also taught my children. She didn't seem to have changed very much over the years.

My TT is up!


Ahhhh...memories of bikes and banana seats. I was just talking with a friend the other day about those good old things.


Small towns are great to grow up in!

Happy Thursday!

My 13 are up.



I just found your blog, and I am so touched by your adoption story. What a beautiful baby! And I cannot believe that you have grandchildren - you look way too young! :-)

Lingerie Lady

I so identify with #10 - I lived in a smallish town (not as small as you) and my mom was a waitress in one of the most popular restaurants, my dad was an electrician with the power company. Between the two of them, they knew EVERYONE in town. If me or my sister did anything wrong or went somewhere we shouldn't they knew about it before we got home.

My very first Thursday Thirteen is up today!


You would not believe how much we have in common! I grew up in rural Arkansas, two stoplights, etc. etc...very similar.


Ah, yes banana seats and the freedom to roam all over town by myself. Things my daughters will probably never have!

I enjoyed your thirteen!


I like your town. It sounds like how my husband grew up and how my kids are growing because we're living in that same small town. The cool life.


Sounds like a great place to grow up! I live in a town like that now!! Only the people where I live are kinda weird, and they talk funny!!!
Check out my 13!!


Sounds like a nice town!



That almost makes me want to move to Alabama. My 13 is up :)


Very cool! For those of us who moved around a lot (military brats), sounds heavenly.


I loved this 13, Faith! (Sounds like a small town I lived in briefly)

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