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March 30, 2006


Juegos del casino

Juegos del casino

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I love how you have "lovingly complained" about him! I have a NOT Mr. Fix-it at my house too! I love him anyway!


Juegos - HUH?


We do a lot of our own fixing around the house - sometimes it just takes a while to get to it - lol....
Thank you for stopping by my T13. I'll add your link as soon as I can.:) - yeah I still do the manualy linky too *grin*


I live with Mr. Fix it. He could be the one your hire to come fix all those things. He's helped build 2 homes (approx 3000 sq feet, neither one ours) from ground up as well as refinished homes we've lived in.

Sometimes I just wish we could hire out to have more time together, get it done already... but then the money we save is incredible! And you said it best!

"We don't have to hire out for a spiritual leader of our household" Same here. I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING!!!


We are not the Fix-it type here. But he more than makes up for it!!! I think Caulking is HARD! Loved your list, it was cute. I did one this week.

Chaotic Mom

Faith, I'm not kidding. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be over there in a jiffy to help out.

When hubby was deployed for a year, I didn't know many people to help me, too afraid to have strangers in the house (who would figure out I was alone). I learned A LOT that year. When hubby came home, we put in a half bath addition, learned more. Not because we're smart, but because we're too cheap to hire someone. ;)

Thanks for visiting my T13!


That is the sweetest ever! And so funny! But your last paragraph sums him up perfectly - I loved reading that - what a keeper indeed! :) I just posted mine - hope I did it right... :)


I'm no Spanish expert, but it appears your comment says something like this...

Play the Casino: then something about a casion game that is first in it's class and has perfection in the game design of Casino 3D. This new game is classified superior and is above all others in the world.

I'm with you, HUH? Even when you somewhat understand what is trying to be said... it's still HUGH? Why was that left here???


WHOA... excuse the spelling errors.. Evidently my brain has trouble with convertng written Spanish to English... so.
Casion: (line 3) should be casino
HUGH?: (last line) should be HUH?



momrn2 - thanks for that deciphering (sp). At first, I was flattered when I saw it , but then I saw the word casino and got freaked out. I have no idea why someone would leave that here!


Great list! MY TT ARE UP! :)


That list cracked me up. My daddy's not a Mr. Fix It either. Honestly... I think I can fix more things in my house than he can. But boy can he bake ;)

(And I love what you wrote at the end. He is a wonderful husband. You are blessed!)

Happy T13! Thanks for stopping by!


Funny 13! I think you're fortunate though. I'd rather have a good Christian man than a Mr. Fix-it any day!


Heather - Oh, I'd much rather have a christian man than a mr. fix-it or anything else for that matter. I'm blessed indeed.
Chaotic mom - girl, I wish you did live near me, I do appreciate the thought though.


Okay ... first of all... there's just something about seeing the abreviation TT that gets me into a fit of teenaged giggles...

Next ... See? I knew I loved you for more reasons than I've already discovered ... I have a maltese too! And, man! I have to keep her clipped short because she loves to roll in the grass (not taking a guess at to what she's rolling in -- don't wanna know) and she gets taaaan-ggled. What a mess!

Finally -- you got hit by a spam thing -- one of those comments that go out to a gazillion people. That's where word verification comes in handy.

Pretty much, it says...

Casino Games

This site provides the first Casino games of the class and perfection of 3D.

Our Casino games are classified as superior by thousands of players throughout the world.

Then ... it gives you the website to go to and play, play, play.

Sheesh... hosting Casino games without inviting us? And in SPANISH, too? Man that's not playing nice like!


Well, I don't even have a hubby to help me call someone, so there ya go! :) I have to battle things like spiders all by myself. My cat is useless. :)


Mine is a Mr. HalfWay Fixit or perhaps a Part Time Fixer LOL he can do some -not all. Cute list. My 13 is up.


Our husband are VERY similar, aren't we the blessed ones!!! :)

Carrie K.

Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words you left on my blog.


Hey Mom:

At least I can say that I get my "Mr. Not-Fix-It" honest. I nearly blew up the law office attempting to hang a chandelier in my office. Cost me $250 to have someone come in and put the stupid thing up. Can I send the bill to Dad?

Thanks for the genes...


My hubby does handyman work for a living, so people like you keep him busy...lol! My 13 are up :)


Sounds like you've got all the important things covered for free. Everything else is just trivial. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!


What a great find our site is! I had a good chuckle over your list. HOWEVER, even worse is a husband who thinks he's Mr. Fix-it and insists on doing it himself. Better to have a man who knows better. :-)


Well at least your husband had the important things covered. My husband is trying to learn to be a Mr Fixit as well...but like your husband he isn't there yet. I think though it's because we're young...we haven't had much opportunity yet to "fix" things up! :)


great list...haha...I am married to a plumber/landscaper...guess who mows the lawn??? and what never gets fixed in our house???

my TT is up

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