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March 18, 2006



Well, I'm sorry they didn't learn anything--but glad the meds are working. Keep us posted!


I am sorry that the test results were not helpful at all. I hope the medication will continue to help. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Sorry the testing didn't reveal anything. Glad the EEG process wasn't so bad so you won't dread it in the future. Thankful the meds are working for now. My daughter had seizures as a baby with numerous EEG's related to her battle with meningitis. I can relate! Hang in there friend!!


My husband has cerebral palsy, and had mild seizures as a child and teen, but he eventually grew out of them and hasn't had a seizure or been on medication in almost 20 years.He took Dilantin when he took medication for them. Sometimes they never have another one, Faith, or they can grow out of them. Their little brains are growing and changing, and the place where the seizure activity started may change over time, oftentimes for the better.

Here's praying he never has another problem with them, and God is healing him.


I'm sorry too, that the tests didn't reveal anything. Btw, the picture is absolutely beautiful.


I'm sorry they didn't have anything definitive for you. That must be terribly frustrating. I will continue to keep this in my prayers.


I am praying for you guys...


Thats scary! I will be praying for you. I am a little behind but when did he last have an episode?


God is in control. While frustrating that we don't know all the details, have comfort that He does.


Aww that's frustrating. God's angels are always surrounding your sweet baby so take comfort in that. And I'm glad the meds are helping in the meantime. Thinking and praying for you all and little man. :) Hugs.


That is true diane, the seizures can change and do. I just wanted to feel a little more in the know - i guess. there is no such thing as too much knowledge for me. Praise God for His Angels - Little Man is surrounded day and night.


Well, even if you haven't been able to figure out quite what is going on, at least he is doing well.

That is a fabulous photo, by the way, it looks like a pencil drawing.


The picture is just precious.

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