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March 24, 2006


Kim from Hiraeth

I have what I call "my hierarchy" of mugs. I have my favorite mug. When I have my coffee in my favorite mug, I pour my husband's coffee into it's "mate." (These are not necessarily matching cups, just ones I have decided go together.) If the favorite mug is already in the dishwasher, then I move to the next tier of coffee mugs. There are pairs for Tom and me, in descending order of preference. Silly, isn't it? The silliest thing is that over the years, my husband has learned the seemingly arbitrary ways in which I choose the mugs and he can pick a mug--the right mug--without giving it a moments thought.

My mug protocol is even more complicated. The choosing of the right mug for the right person is also nearly as complicated. He doesn't have that quite down pat, but he's pretty good.

I think we were made for each other.


I love it. Made for each other indeed!


I have my Tervis Tumbler http://www.tervis.com/ ...it is insulated (sweat proof), has a lid and a straw. Fill it with ice and water and you are good to go all day - it stays that cold. Plus it fits into your cup caddy in the car. Mine goes everywhere with me!! Kinda like my signature - mine has the Florida Gator logo on it. My daughter has the one with dolphins - it is perfect for her bedside table..she fills it up at night with ice and water puts on the lid and slips in the straw. No more...Mom, I'm thirsty, can you get me some ice cold water at 2 am.

Call me eccentric...but I love my Tervis Tumbler!!!


I cannot - canNOT - drink a diet Coke from a can. I must have a cup, ice, and preferably a straw.


I, too, LOVE ice! What an incredible little machine you have installed in your house. When we go to a hotel, the first thing I make my husband do is go down and fill the ice bucket so I can crunch on it! BTW, my mom had a facial recently and the lady asked if she was a smoker...she's not so she asked why. The lady said the lines around her mouth look like she's a smoker. Then she asked, "Do you drink out of a straw a lot?" My mom drinks EVERYTHING from a straw, and now at almost 50, her mouth looks like she's been smoking for about that long. EEEK! I LOVE straws, but now I'm going to think twice about using one! :-) Have a great day! Love your blog.


I'm going to check out you tumbler Danielle!

aggiejenn - You just performed a miracle -I'll be weaning myself from the straw. Who knew?!!


I am all about the ice, so I completely understand you:)


wow, you sound about as "ice-crazed" as my mother! lol


Soon enough friend, blogdom will ALL be visiting you soon enough.

I love GOOD ice too, Love to chew it, probably not good for my teeth though.

Okay, here's my weird thing... don't laugh. I can not get out of bed unless the minute hand is at either the 12,3,6, 0r 9. Seriously, and if I wake up really late for something, then it at least HAS to be on 1-12. I'll just lay there looking at it until it changes. Don't ask?


With four little ones a disgusting fridge is par for the course. I think I clean it out every week, from the rare flowering vegetation to the leftovers that turned brown, black and green...

Baking soda works, sometimes.

I'm admitting I'm a tad green. No ice maker here, just the little plastic trays that inevitably someone eats four cubes of ice and puts back a half empty tray without emptying it or refilling it... argh!!

emma sometimes

first I never put away the eggs in the carton unless they are symetrical.

I drink my water room temp. No ice for me unless it's iced coffee.


Ice machine. Cooleo! (literally, right?)

I'm up for a trash compactor. We're a bit trashy and we need to smush it smaller. Where to put it, is the question.

Chaotic Mom

I had a fridge in my tiny Korean apartment. Not a big fridge. But a neighbor brought over some yummee kimchee, I put it in the fridge. NEVER got the stink out...


Freeze the brocoli -- By the way -- I just cleaned my fridge out this Saturday, and eeewww, YUCK! Where does the brown sticky sludgy stuff come from? It pools at the bottom of the drawers or on the glass shelves... Seriously, where does it come from?

I have two idio-howeveryouspellit-syncrosy ... one is that I MUST drink out of a GLASS... not a plastic cup, but a GLASS, because everyone knows that glass gets clean, and plastic cups house germy germs... And my other idio-whatever? Well -- EVERYTHING we eat off of or with (plates, GLASSES, flatware, etc.) MUST go in the dishwasher. Hand washing does NOT clean good enough. It drives my husband insane, because he was raised without a dishwasher and is used to washing everything by hand. And when his parents come to visit and "help out" by HAND WASHING my dishes... I smile, thank them, and then stick them all in the dishwasher after they leave. And there is a very SPECIFIC way to load the dishwasher. You can't just throw everything in... it has to face the same way. Everyone knows this, right?

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