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March 24, 2006



Fresh bread, huh? Oh well. :(


Make mine peanut butter and honey. I eat it for breakfast a lot. Or sometimes strawberry preserves. can't do the grape jelly thing.

Faith In Florida

Seriously..sometimes there is nothing quite like a good ole PB&J.


I don't like PBJ's but I'll take the plain fresh bread with something else on it and some lays :) hehe


Not a PB&J person here! I would love some good ole Lays chips though! YUMMY!


Not a PB&J person here! I would love some good ole Lays chips though! YUMMY!

Debi D

PBJ, one of my very favorites and yes, Lays plain chips with it! Perfecto! That reminds me of a post I want to share sometime....thanks Faith...


Now I am hunrgy for PBJ. I really haven't had one for very long time. But I don't think I have PB at home...


YUM... Peanut butter is a staple food around here. There have been days when I'll ask my son what he wants for supper and he'll say, "Can I have a PB&J sandwhich?". My response is, "Isn't that what you had for lunch?" He then comes back with, "Ok, how about a PB& honey sandwhich?"

What can I say? PB&J/honey sandwhiches are a daily (at minimum) occurrence around here... for one and all. YUMMM!!!


PB&J's at least twice a week for me. Love 'em!

Chaotic Mom

Now, the question is: Do we eat this on the good ol' standard white bread as in my youth, or whole wheat, as in the stuff I'm forcing my kids to eat? ;)


PB&J is an all time classic!! Yummy!


Oh my - have you tried the PB and Marshallow spread? DANGEROUS. Sooo goood!


Yum, yum, YUM! And add a glass of ICE COLD milk ... skim milk ... with real ice cubes ...

Have you ever tried (I know, I know... y'all are just going to die when you read the next few words... but I'm strange like that, and I have a passion for salty salt) ... Peanut Butter and Dill Pickle Sandwiches? Oh, my, goodness ... they are salty deliciousness.


Chaoticmom- well, mine was on good 'ol white, but I'll be feeding it to little man on wheat. Double standard, I know!

GiBee -I must admit I have never even HEARD of PB and Dill Pickles - but whatever floats your boat. ;D My mom does PB and Bananas!

Kate - Marshmellow spread? That IS so dangerous. I think I would enjoy it too much.

Jeana and Momrn2 - My kids always preferred honey on theirs too.

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