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March 27, 2006



What is treasure tuesday? I will have to read yours, and then post one of my own....


That was fun to see! I have some great pics of Mike and I growing up too since we met in 8th grade! I think I'll have to share some soon! That would be a riot! I grew up in the 80's so we have the bi-level wings haircut going on!!!

Thanks for sharing!


Suzy, I edited my post and put in some links for you to find Treasure Tuesday's.


Oh the memories high school brings. Enjoyed your pictures and post.


Oh you are so pretty! Still are! Those are great pictures. I can see your Oh La La Sasson jeans but I can't see the leg warmers! Hehe!


Very cute pictures!

Mary, mom to many


PS - I'll post a treasure tomorrow too. So much fun :)


PS - I'll post a treasure tomorrow too. So much fun :)


Great pics! You hubbys' tux is TOO much! Thanks for playing along!


Awwww, you're so beautiful! What a hoot these pictures are, relly bringing back the memories. I even went to a website and let my kids listen to an REO Speedwagon song. LOVE the tux!


Oh, very cute! I can totally see you in those pics. The Friday night sleepovers sound way fun. I guess we all came away from HS with different things. For me, it was a migraine! hah!


That tux is amazing! Wonderful pictures of you--such a cutie! Jill


Love the pictures, MOM! Can't believe that you posted those! :) Just kidding! What a cute couple you two were ( I mean Are!!!)


this was a fun littel game!

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer

Oh my goodness, what great pictures!

I'm playing along with Treasure Tuesday tomorrow.


Those are fun pictures! I love having pics of my man and me together in high school at the prom! But those hormones do rage at that age, huh?! By the grace of God we are not the same people we were then! ;-)


Hi Faith,
Here from Randi's site. Your photos are cute. Thanks for sharing. Mine are up if you care to stop in!


Very cute pictures Faith :) Your prom gown is just awesome. :)
I'll have me treasure up early in the morning....AZ time of course.

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