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March 20, 2006



My kids say I'm weird for not letting them do everything their friends are allowed to do. Paint me proud to be weird because I'm sticking to my guns on a lot of things to which other parents have given way.

My question: Why be normal?


My friend and I love to talk about the unanswereable questions of what's normal and if it's so normal, why is it so hard to find people who are like that? Love this!


Faith...what a great post! I so enjoy reading your posts! You have so much wisdom to share!!!


I agree, why be normal? Whatever that is. I've gotten wise (old) enough to feel comfortable just being me!


We had this very discussion at my parents' house this past weekend re: how people sometimes unthinkingly repeat their parents' mistakes. It encourages me to take a stand early and often in my own little family - so that our child isn't the one who suffers. You know?


I remember when my daughter would tell me "ALL HER FRIENDS" got to stay up later than she did. Her mistake was that she went to the school that was part of our Catholic Church and I knew all the parents of all her friends, so I asked them. I found out that what her father and I suspected was true, NO ONE stayed up later than she did! My husband and I have actually walked up the driveway to friend's homes telling each other, "Just be normal."



I commented on YOUR comment to my blog explaining everything! Hope you understand it. email me at nancy at nancysbrandt dot com for further questions!


I can't believe some of those things you said have happened. Unbelievable! If that's considered normal... I'm proud to be abnormal!


I never feel NORMAL! Is there really such a thing?!? Loved your post, I was taking notes for future reference on the teenager stuff! I'm really not looking forward to that!


When I was about 20 I was reading my bible at work on my break. One of the other 'teens told me, "Why are you into that? Why don't you rebel like everyone else?" He totally missed how illogical his words were.

I'm glad you are not "normal" by today's standards. I hope to be more and more abnormal as the days go by because things seem to be getting worse and worse.

Glad your daughter turned out well. I will laugh at my kids when they have kids too. :D


I am so glad that I never thought I family was weird!! I always thought you were the best parents! :)


Sorry for the typo, I can't type today!!

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