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March 16, 2006



You don't even look close to 40! I hope I look as good as you do when I am 40!

My TT is up!

Susan :-)


Oh goody, goody... I am so very close. I can hardly wait!... Yeah Right!!! I was at my doctor this last year and she told me you can start having pre menopausal occurrences in your 30's (this came up because of some of the symptoms I was describing). So, that was her diagnosis. *huge sigh*. Here I go. Nice to see there's others out there leading the way. *grin* Hey, what are friends for, right? :-)


You look great for fourty-ish. My husband and I had a conversation last night about how old we are. He is almost a year younger than me. Yeah my boy toy. We couldn't figure out if I am 33 or 34. I think I'm 34 I'm just to lazy to do the math.


Faith you are too funny :) - I can totally relate to all the stuff you are listing. Highlights are expensive indeed - blah! Although haven't had gray hair yet, but I know it is coming.
No more monthly visits - had the same problem - to much loss each month - surgery in 2001...
My tt is up on my Lighter Side. I'll add your link to mine.


I'm so freaked out! Just Kidding sorta! I'm 34 but ya know how time flies. And yes, there's nothing like the feeling of tanning. Sometimes I tan just to try to look my age. I'm sure this will come back and bite me in the butt hard one day.

TN Chick

If that's your photo on the sidebar, you're beautiful...

Umm, when did 40 become an elder? Silly.

My 13 is up :) I enjoyed readin' yours.


I hope I can be as happy and suave (and Pretty) as you at 40! I'm scared of turning 30 right now! I wish I knew how to add my permalink on here or even add your link on my page. I just can't figure it out!


wow, i have so much to look forward to...


'Elder' Sooo does not fit you, but the wisdom does. And really I don't think you should 'flash' people no matter what your age, even if you are 'hot'! :D

Mine 13 are up!


Cute list! I have 17 more years to go before I get there, but the wisdom you impart is good to know!!
Mine are up!


I'm with ya on all of them honey!! But you look a whole lot better, so no complaining hear me? My TT is up.


you are gorgeous and wise faith!


Man... I'm going through some of that now. And I just turned 30. Why do I always have to be early? ;)

My 13 are up, too!


Whoever said life begins at 40 lied!

Happy TT day
Elle x


The glasses and grey hairs don't bother me. I don't have wrinkles...yet. And the hot flashes are still a thing of the future for me.

What bothers me about being 40 something is that folks now call me ma'am. That totally freaks me out!


LOL - well, you're pulling off 40ish better than I'm pulling off 30ish I think :)

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