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March 23, 2006


Debi D

I love #11...watching people "sing" with their hands...how beautiful that is to me...
I enjoy the positive focus of your blogging, Faith


I took two years of ASL in High School and plan to pick up some videos or something to relearn what I lost since I have been out. I LOVE ASL!!!

My TT are up!


Oh, you got to teach me #9. That is so cool. Could come in very handy :). #12 - how sweet he is indeed. Wonderful list Faith...Did you know that No Average Girl has a ministry signing songs at her church :)

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Love it!


Great list Faith. It must be nice to know ASL. My TT is up, but then you know that. :)


I love watching people sign! One of these days I'll have to scoot down to the college and take a class. Happy TT, mine are up! :o)


I've always wanted to learn sign language. I have a cousin who is deaf, and we can communicate but not as well as I'd like!!
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I've always wanted to learn sign language. I think it's great and love watching people sign during masses.

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Awesome list. I've always wanted to learn to sign. I need to do that!

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I taught my toddlers a few signs - before they could talk! It was great! It alleviated some of the fussing. They could sign before they could speak. Their first 'signs' were: please, thank you, milk, eat, more. It was great! I still remind them to say thank you - from across the room!

Chaotic Mom

Two of my three boys are deaf with cochlear implants, and I LOVE SIGN LANGUAGE, TOO! For many of the same exact reasons you like it. ;)

Thanks for visiting my T13!


#11 is me, too. Great list!


Very very cool. I loved #10. I mean really, how many times have I been in a setting where I just wanted to get out of there!
How are you learning signing? From a book, DVD, class?


I just love watching people sing in sign (oh, yeah -- try typing THAT 10 times!) during worship ... it is so beautiful and graceful!


sign language flirting - instrumental in 27 1/2 years of happiness and wedded bliss, huh? love it!


I learned to love sign language when my daughter was young. They had us using it with her since she wasn't verbally communicating and they were fearful of hearing loss due to her meningitis. It was amazing to me how quickly she learned it! Although we now know she can hear (praise GOD) I still use it when teaching songs to the kids at church etc. They get so excited to be able to sing a song using sign language!

Quick story: I had a deaf patient and a Spanish speaking only patient at the same time. It was a horribly hectic day. I walked up to the Spanish speaking patient and began signing... of course she just stared at me... how embarrasing. OOOPS wrong language. Quickly realized I needed to switch to the Spanish.


momrn2 - at least you knew how to communicate with both. I know zero spanish. Praise God that your Daughter can hear. We were also concerned about little mans' hearing. But his is fine as well.

Holymama!- Flirting in any language is key to long time wedded bliss! ;D

Kate - various resources. SigningTime DVD's have been a major part of it. We also take classes at our church and practice alot. It might be something you could incorporate into your homeschooling. ASL is a language all it's own. E-mail me if you have more questions.


Faith, don't let me fool you. I'm not really fluent in either sign language or Spanish. Just enough to get me in trouble. :-)
I'd like to learn more of both... in all my spare time. ha ha ha

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