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March 13, 2006



What a sweet story! Boy is your house gonna stink if the little man ever breaks that.


Wow - I got little goosebumps from reading that. I am sure that was a sign that she is doing well (at least that's what I believe). :)


Hey Faith! Beautiful post. Sometimes I think God does little things like that for us so that we know He understands. My Tuesday Treasure is up. Its about my Grandma too!!!


What a great post! I wish I had a digital camera so I could participate.

I loved reading this Faith!



I was gonna post a picture of the last gift that was given to us (Ally really) by my Granny. It's nothing like the egg you have, it's a toy, but I cannot bear to part with it. I'll work on my post, but it may be tomorrow before I can get to it.


Enjoyed your story. I too love that song you mentioned. I was close to my grandpa and sometimes I just miss him sooo sooo much. It breaks my heart he really did not get to meet my princess girl. He would have loved her. He did live to see my son but he really never got to know him. My grandmother is still alive and I am grateful she is still here. My grandparents raised my sister and I so they are very important to us.


Oh, so sweet. It's the little things that mean so much to us, isn't it?!


I totally understand your story. My Tuesday treasure will be up later is also about my grandma. I wasn't going to tell this story, but it fits amazingly with your light from heaven story. The day after she died we were all at her house in the kitchen talking. Someone noticed her Christmas Cactus had just started to bloom. My grandpa said that she had been given that plant over 10 years prior as a gift and that it had NEVER once bloomed. It started blooming the day after she died and continued to blossom for the week we were there. It turned into a beautiful white flower with a streak of red through the petal. Every day we would enjoy that flower as we reminisced over her beautiful life.

Sorry to take up your blog talking with my story, but I wanted you to know that I fully believe God will give us these supernatural gifts.


OK, I found some things. Here's the link. http://mistresninos.blog-city.com/treasure_tuesday.htm

Emma aka jennybee

God shows His love to us in amazing ways!!! That is a beautiful story. Having a good cry is an absolute must some days. Like a spirit wash..hehe.

I love your blog. thanks for stopping by my corner of the web.

PS. Isaiah is in fact one of the most adorable children I have ever seen!! What a dolly! Why doesn't he have chapped cheeks from all the kisses he must get??


I put some treasures up on my blog today too!
Mary, mom to 8


What a beautiful post!!!


that's beautiful, faith! that sounds like what i call a 'God-kiss."


OK Faith, I put mine up!


I love these "whispers" from God. We must remember to look for them!!


Ahhh your story was so beautiful. I cherish those moments as treasures from God.

OK, it only took me all day (interruptions, errands, blogger being a booger, etc...) but my first posted treasure is finally up. This was fun. And oh boy will I have many to do in the weeks to come! Thanks Faith ;)


I fully intended to post a Tuesday Treasure pic today, but time got away from me. I will try to participate next week.

Your story is beautiful, and I know exactly what you mean about your treasures here, and the ones laid up in Heaven. Those earthly treasures are physical reminders of our true treasures, that we are putting in God's Heavenly bank.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Matthew 5:21


What a beautiful story.
My mother in law has three ostrich eggs. She plans to paint them.


So glad to find your blog! I'm excited about our Bible study and really looking forward to it....

I think your Treasure Tuesday is a great idea - I'm about to click around and look at everybody's pictures. Off I go....


How precious! And your story gave me chills. I love that nobody else is allowed to touch it.

And it gives me an idea for next week.

I'm glad you started this, Faith. It's fun!

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