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March 21, 2006



What a beautiful piece to have, and what a great memory. Your family is very blessed.


This is just beautiful. I wish I had treasures like that, but a lot of old things were left behind in Germany 15 years ago :(
I love what you said about Mimi smiling back at them...how precious.


I'm back now... phew! WOW - that is just stunning. A beautiful piece of treasured heritage. That was especially sweet to know Mimi is smiling back at you all. :) You are so lucky to have some of your granparents treasures passed down. :)


That is a beautiful armoire! Antiques are wonderful, but when they hold special meaning they are worth so much more! :-)


Beautiful piece! My Tuesday Treasure is up!!


That is simply gorgeous.


My Tuesday Treasure is up, too! Thanks for starting this, Faith.


Okay, I wasn't really planning on getting emotional this morning!

I just inherited an antique chair from my late father. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but after reading this post, I think I'll give it some TLC and keep it in my room.

Not firewood after all. LOL! ;)


that's incredible!

Debi D

Thanks Faith for reminding me of the wonderful blessings the Lord has given to me....
My Treasure is posted!


Really an extraordinary piece, and even more so because of where it came from. I love to hear of Godly Grandparents, that was his best inheritance.


That is a beautiful piece! I would join in and I may sometime I just don't know that I would be consistent. I already have a hard time with my 3 things thursday I joined a while back!!! I was doing Favorite Foto Friday but have kind of dropped off of that one.


Wow, what a great piece to have in the family.


Yeah, that's gorgeous! You're fortunate to have it. Do your girls value it as much as you do?


Yes. Actually, all of my grown children treasure our treasures too.Even the boys. I guess I rubbed of on them.


finally got mine up...



ps I wanted to mention, and I will later on my blog, that this is a great way of remaining thankful for the things God has given us. We too often complain that we just don't have this or that when we really have a whole lot of stuff that we take for granted.


Sara, i agree.That is why I'm doing this. My obvious treasures are my salvation, family etc. These that I show here are just little snippets of people and things that have touched my heart and remain there.

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