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March 28, 2006


Chaotic Mom

The china is gorgeous, but moreso the story that comes with it. My silver set is like that, too. Not what I picked out for my wedding, but something my mom picked out for me.

I just started the Tuesday Treasure thing, jumping in with you guys. ;)


I think it beautiful. Especially since it was a gift from your dad.:)
I just posted my Tuesday treasure, but it is not old at all, just precious to me and I think only I can see the beauty of it lol...


I think it is beautiful, the story and the china. I love the treasure tuesdays. I've got to get on board!


What a sweet story. I posted a treasure today. What fun!


Beautiful, Faith! My treasure is up! Have a good Tuesday!!


I love the China and your story! I wish my Dad would have been that sentimental when I was young! He only hits that mark when he's driving away back home. :( You're lucky to have that treasure! It's the people connected with the things we treasure that makes it a treasure huh? Have a great day!


I love your Treasure Tuesdays! I'm going to shoot for a posting myself next week. I currently have "my space" Monday going on!



What a beautiful story. You just go right ahead and display that china proudly! You have every right to! And truly, what a treasure... not because of what it is, but because of the story that surrounds it.

Kim from Hiraeth

My Tuesday Treasure is up! Now I'm off to see the rest of them!

Kim from Hiraeth

Oh, silly me. I forgot to tell you that I really love the pattern. It is simple and would look just lovely with Christmas greens and candles. I can see it right now. . .beautiful!


I think the china is quite pretty- I adore red though. That is truely a treasure (yet again you brought tears to my eyes!)


what a wise father you had! :-)


What an incredible story. Thank you for sharing. :-)


Okay... NOW I'm wondering just what your taste is, because frankly, this china is beautiful. I have a collection of china... My mom bought me a beautiful set of china called Butterfly Meadows by Lennox that is very me... light, flighty, and it just so happens that our neighborhood is Monarch Ridge, and all the roads are named after butterfly names. BUT ... I also collect china like a fiend... And, I've learned that while I have heirlooms that I love and treasure, I can also have other stuff that I love and treasure, and I have learned to ROTATE things out onto display. Plus - I love to mix and match. Now, while I wouldn't mix the red with the whimsical butterfly patterns, I would deff mix it with red glass, or even blue glass... Or a blue and white pattern. Christmas, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving are the perfect times to use them.

Now, you need to tell us what your tastes really are! Maybe a picture of your dining room?


I'm sure he is smiling now! That was beautiful. I think that china is stunning. I wonder if he knew then how much you would treasure it.

SO sweet! :)
Mine is posted now. Thanks Faith. This really is so much fun :)
Like little tributes, ya know?!


That china has to great a story to hide!!!! I missed treasure Tuesday, I'll jump back in next week.


I love that story! What an awesome memory to have about your dad!


That's just awesome! My dad also did two years in 'Nam. He bought my mom a set that I hope to inherit, but I may have to thumb wrestle my sister for it.

Faith, I wanted to let you know that these Treasure Tuesdays have been a blessing. It makes me question what I really do treasure. It's also led me to blogs of some wonderful women I may never have found otherwise. Thanks for getting it going.


I'm up.

I love your china. I like simple designs. My grandmother's china is white with gold trim. I think it's gorgeous.

I wonder if this has to do with my love of food. I sure wouldn't want all that design to hide the beauty of the meat and potatoes. ;-)


I love the china too, but the story even more.


What a wonderful story:) I think the china is beautiful, just like your story. My treasure is up, what a great idea, love it!! And I agree with GiBee, a great way to tribute the things that are really important to us.


Faith, thank you for sharing your treasure. It really was a beautiful story to read.

I'd like to play along for Tuesday Treasure next week--thanks!


Love the story and the china! Let's do tea. God bless you!

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer

I think it's beautiful! Great story, too--what a sweet daddy.

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