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March 31, 2006



Oh man. I am so sorry to hear little man is sick. I will be thinking of you and him and praying for you too! Hang in there!


Oh, I am so sorry. I hate it when they are sick, they just don't understand! I hope he is better soon!


Oh Faith.. That really stinks! (sorry - couldn't help it)

Definitely will be praying for little man - and you too!


Those are the worst! I hate it when the diaper rash gets insane! Prayers that it is all better this morning.

Sylvie g

Oh feel better little man, we're praying for you. Poor Baby! Praying for you too Faith, I know it is not fun.


oh for sure I will pray for him....that butt rash sounds brutal!! my Emily used to get yeast infections when she was a baby and they would fester and get raw too....but not her whole butt!!

and yes my baby's name is Faith...I love that name and you are right there are not too many out there!! I have found a few on the blog....kind of a neat connection having such a unique and beautiful name!

Chaotic Mom

Faith, he's on my Prayer List, posted right here next to the computer. Oh, you guys are, too. I know what it's like to worry when kids are ill.

Siezures? I'll have to read more. We've been through the mill with one of our little guys...


So sorry your handsome little guy is feeling sick. Sending a prayer that he heals quickly.


This is a hoot! I can SOOOOO relate! It is so good to know you aren't alone! It's also good to have a sense of humor in the midst of it all too!

Praying for Little Man to be well soon!!


I am adding my prayers to everyone else's. As for the stinkage, you might try setting out a few shallow dishes of white vinegar here and there. It does seem to help. :) If you have trouble with the smell lingering on your hands, rinse them in the vinegar, too.

My sister had e-coli in her urinary tract, due to contamination of a catheter. It smelled like an old toilet, no joke. The vinegar helped with that, I know.

Keep us posted as you can. :)


Oh...keeping little man in my thoughts and prayers! Prayers for Mommy and Daddy too!


My little one had rotavirus at the beginning of January and we took her into the ER as soon as we knew she couldn't keep pedialyte down....she was on an IV for 8 hours....I'm so sorry. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. Not that you asked but...I would take him in...they dehydrate so fast...our Pediatrician told us to take her in.

I will totally be praying for you...I am so sorry he and you have to go through this. Please update us as soon as you can.


Oh, man, Faith... So sorry!!! Really, I am!

Have you tried (and I know this sounds weird...) swabbing his bottom and scro-whatever with MYLANTA? On a cotton ball? (Straight from the doctor's mouth to my ears)

Praying for y'all ...


Gotta do this fast -

Thank you all so much foryour prayers.

GiBee, believe it or not, the special paste I make has a base of Mylanta! Strange !


Oh Man! I am soo sorry! I totally feel for you. When he can hold something down, Give him acidopholus regularly, especially if he is on any medications! It helps keep the digesting system balanced. We have diarrhea problems here often, and that always helps! I hope he's okay....


Oh dear friend, I am praying for you as I type! I am so very, very sorry you all have to be going through this!! If there was anything I could do to help... oh I would in a heart beat! Keep us posted...


That smell alone is enough to make me loose weight. I hate this for you and little man. I'll be thinking of you this weekend and praying this is short lived. It's nice out this weekend so open those windows and get that fresh air to chase that stink away. In the during time, I'm praying. :) Please update us soon!!


Y'all are in my prayers!

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer

Oooo, been there, done that with Rotavirus. Nasty stuff. Lysol everything in your house...my Hubs got it last time it hit our family.

Praying for you--


Oh, FAITH!! I will pray for him and you and hubby to get through this. I hope your little guy is doing better very soon! Remember the B.R.A.T. diet if you can get something in them: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce - no sugar added(apples), Toast for upset tummies.


Father, I just call on your name right now ... and ask that you take this illness away from Little Man. He is struggling with so much right now, and any new illness is dangerous. I just claim your healing over him right now in Jesus name. Please place your loving and healing arms around him. Hold him close and protect him, Faith and Dad. Watch over this precious family, Lord. Bolster them and encourage them.

In Jesus name, Amen.


Oh, how I have grown to love all of my dear blogging friends. You are so precious to me. Thank you all for the advice and tips- I needed them all! When you are a bit stressed, you tend to forget things that you know to do.

GiBee - Bless your heart. Your sweet prayer made me cry - which apparently I needed. I feel better since I released all I was holding in. You are a true friend.


Huh! I think I've been spelling it wrong all this time, too! But really, it's more like a roter-rooter type of virus, because it roter-rooters your whole system out over, and over, and over.

I'm glad to hear that you have released what you're holding it. It's not a good thing to hold stuff in... Next time EMAIL me, for crying out loud!!!! ;-)

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