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March 17, 2006


Kim from Hiraeth


Didn't you get the memo!?! Grandmas are not the same as moms! Really!! Moms have to raise them up to be fine citizens and marriagable and employable and all that; Grandmas get to spoil them!

That's what Grandmas are for. At least that's what I've always heard and I'm sticking with it!!


my youngest sister (12 years younger) is already treated like a grandchild from my parents! lol we joke that the kid doesn't have any real parents! but, then again, she does have "three mommies" to tell her what to do!


Ha ha ha. Sounds like my mom. She would never do any of those things for us, but my oh my, she puts it on for my kids.


Don't worry, my mom is the same with my niece and nephew! Its normal!!


good for you! my mom is here being a grandmother, too and it's so different than how we were raised. And i love it. I love it for my kids!


That's why it is great to be the grandma :)


I don't have any grandkids yet, but I do have great-nieces and nephews. I say spoil 'em, then give 'em back!
Just a little good-natured revenge for all your kids put you through during their raisin', LOL.
Also, most of us mellow quite a bit from the oldest child to the youngest, and even more when it comes to the grand babies.... ;)
They sure are sweet to hold and smooch and love on......then when they stink or get cranky, you get to hand them back to MOM, :)
It's so nice to get to have them for the warm fuzzy stuff, and not have to deal with the disagreeable parts, :)


I can't wait until I can spoil my grandkids. I think you're the perfect Grandma!

Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals

Sounds like you're making great memories with your grandbaby! :)


Isn't being a gramma the best? I'm the same way, lol.


My mother said if she would have known how much fun her grandchildren were going to be, she would have had them first. Sounds like you are an excellent grandmother. Just make sure he has cookies for both hands. :-)


I know my kids would say if they read this of course.... can we go to her house? you sound like a great grandmother... FUN!

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