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April 24, 2006


Carrie K.

I did this a while ago on my blog. You can see it here:

You mentioned pecans - for us it was filberts that needed to be picked up. We hated it at the time, but now laugh about it. Funny how memories change over time.


I posted Where I'm from on my blog after reading yours. I loved it, and it brought back some great memories, some not so great, but it is always good to remember from whence I came.


That's beautiful! I love the idea, and the original poem on the link. I may have to try it!


Wow, you took me right there. I could smell the food, feel the Alabama summer air, and see the beautiful outdoors. But I had to laugh at the footie jammies! I had those too (maybe that's why we can do such weird things with our toes!) I SO enjoyed this :) I still want some of your homemade ice cream!


This was wonderful!

Mary, mom to many


Faith, we share a lot of memories. Mine is up, you can read it here:

Like you, I could write about this for pages. :)


Oh I am soo glad to read yours! I was hoping you would do it! I like to ride back on your memories and get a taste of your life! Cool!


It's amazing how our memories of dads in Vietnam are so similar. The tape recorder (portable reel-to-reel for us), the slide film and projector, so many adjustments when he came back home after being gone a year...both times! It'd be fun to compare 'Nam Brat notes sometime.

Mine is set to post on Friday. I totally enjoyed reading yours.


Lovely post.


Loved the post Faith!!


that's so cute!


Okay, I did it too. Loved this post. Got me thinking and remembering!


This is beautiful and has inspired me to do one of these (one day). Before, I'd read them but never feel compelled to write one myself. I hope I can fill mine with half as much enthralling nostalgia as you have captured - I felt like I was right there in your home with you.

I can't believe I haven't come across your blog before now. I've just spent the past half hour reading several of your posts. I love your style.

About the frog in my blog - I don't like touching them either. I ended up scooping it up in a plastic bowl and taking it outside so we never came in contact. Still, he was very cute - much cuter than the ugly cane toads we see here all the time.

Okay, this is the length of a regular post, not a comment. Sorry. Will come back again soon.


I loved this post Faith. It's one of my favorites so far!


What a wonderful post. i am going to have to do that on my blog soon. i will let you know when I do.


I did this too! It was tough for me! I hope everyone enjoys it.

Susan :o)


Thanks so much for this. What wonderful memories. I especially identified with the smell of fresh cut grass. Ahhhh... Wasn't it great to be a kid?

You're welcome to read mine here if you like.


Forgot the link.



This is great!

Awhile back you posted on the blog I shut down (I'm the homeschooling mom of 6). I wanted to share the new link and password with you, but can't find an email address for you. If you're interested email me, please.


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