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May 21, 2006



How wonderful. As I read this story, I wondered if there is a way I could offer my generous milk supply to a new born baby that has no home to go home to. Hmmm... I'll call the girl at my church that works for the adoption agency in town!!!


I'm so glad this little girl has a home. I was reading this post and kept thinking, "OH! We'll take her!" But alas, we are getting ready for our own #4 and though adoption (most definitely transracial) is in the plan, it's not part of the plan right now.

Glad it all worked out. God has his ways.

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

Bravo, Faith.

Mom Nancy

Oh, Faith! I sat here this morning telling myself we don't need another child. I'm 47, my little guy (also adopted as you know) is only 4 and I'm not sure I'm up to another infant, but when I read this I thought, "I could call. I could see what happens!" It never occured to us to think only in terms of blonde, blue-eyed. We got that with our biological child. We wanted a child. Period. My Muffin is 180 degrees different in temperament, sex and COLOR than our daughter and I love him dearly and wouldn't change a thing and you know what? He has my brother's dimples and his dad's allergies! He's OUR baby, regardless of where he came from!


Praise God! He found that baby a home. He is good, indeed!


How funny that many of us thought the same way. I was thinking as I started reading...oh, I'll take her. My baby is 21 months and I think I could handle another one now. It's heartbreaking to think that some don't find homes!

It angers me that people stop at the color of the skin and don't even consider that this is a precious little innocent baby that just wants to be loved and nurtured. It just isn't logical to me!

ANYWAY! Praise the Lord that there was a home for this precious one!

Thanks for the beautiful post Faith!!


I am so very happy that this precious little girl was able to find a home! My little heart starting beating fast and you had me ready to call my hubby! God's timing is so perfect. I know that her new family is happy, dazed and amazed at how quiclly things happened.!



I would LOVE to have taken that little girl!!! I would take 20 of them!!! I don't get it either. You stay on your soapbox until something changes in this world!! I'll be standing right there handing you food and drinks to keep you up there and take your spot when you need to use the bathroom!!!

Preach on!!! Preach on.....


"He's got the little bitty baby in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands." OK, so this isn't a verse, but it's still true. My heartbreaks for these precious little ones. I'm so glad, they're in his hand!


Praise God that He found that sweet little one a home. We are praying for the day God will bring another to our home . . . and she won't look like us either. We are all perfect in His eyes!!


Oh, Faith ... this touched me to the core, sister!!! TO THE CORE. How many times have I heard one of my youth ask for prayer because their friend (12, 13, 14, 15 years old!) was pregnant and either had an abortion, or was going the next day for one. My heart would break to the core, and I would plead that they reconsider and tell them that I would take the baby ... in a heart beat... without thought to color, race, sex, or even eye color!

I know adoption is in my future, and I only pray that it is as easy as you have made it sound when the time comes!!!

Bless you, friend! For your generous and loving and concerned heart.


This is an excellent post, which brought me to tears! I also sat here thinking, "I want her!" Thank God for finding her a home.

It's inconceivable to me that some people think only certain children are "okay" to adopt and love. A child needs a home and family to love them no matter what their color or health.

My husband and I have six biological children between us and three children that we've "added" to our brood. We didn't legally adopt them, for different reasons their parents weren't able to care for them and they moved in with us. And adoption is something that my husband and I regularly discuss. When the time comes, the only specific thing we'll want is a child.

Sorry for the really long comment, but I'm right there with you being upset over people "choosing" which child to adopt based on color, health, parents background, etc.

Faith in Florida

This post reminds me of one I wrote a while ago:

I am so glad baby girl found the right home for her. It speaks a lot about you that you heard God about this and did not just jump onyour emotions. I probably would have done that. But in the end, she got her right home. What a blessing. And I SO FEEL YOU about the whole black baby adoption thing.


Well, guess I wasn't the only one ready to call my husband when I read your post. I'm so glad this baby girl found a good family though.

Diane J.

Oh, Faith, true love sees no color, race, creed, handicap, sex or any other differences. A baby or child of any age that needs a loving home should never be judged on these things, but sadly it happens every day. I'm not in a situation to take on any more children, but I sure would love to be able to take them in and show them what it means to be wanted, loved and cherished. I am so glad there are Godly parents out there who take these precious children in and love them unconditionally. This old world needs more of them.


My husband and I have such a heart for this too! Just not the space or money! So many times (especially when I hear about a baby like this one), I want to jump and get that baby home! We have one that we have no doubt that she was to be ours (after 2 biological children)! Will there be more? I wish I could take them all! God is in control. He's been changing hearts and attitudes on this issue for awhile now, and will continue to do so. I have faith He will take care of each "unwanted" baby - regardless of their 'special need'(as "they" put it!)!


Just awesome, faith. I would love to talk with you more about adoption one day. Until my husband sees it as God's will for us, I can't personally adopt but I can't help being so interested and wishing I could get involved someway.

Diane J.

The 100 Things About Diane is a link at the top of the links in my sidebar. Sorry I didn't make it clearer for everyone. :-) Thanks for your sweet comments and for dropping by.


Wonderfully written, I was ready to move to US and take her in - almost :D The color of their skin is one of the things that do make them so beautiful and cute in mine eyes. My little darling is upstairs sleeping. I adopted him (from Ethiopia) 8 months ago, he's 3 years old and I can't imagine my life without him!! His name is Mattew (I write it somewhat differently in Norwegian - but still same name) - it means GODS GIFT; and he really is!!

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