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May 17, 2006



That's such a great monitor. I wish I was having more kids just so I could get one LOL I always used the normal ones, never tried the video.

Thanks for a great tip :)


You know ... we were considering getting one of these when we had Hunter, but the only thing that prevented us from doing so was that the monitor would be on all night, casting an annoying glow in our faces ... do you find this to be bothersome? (my husband needs complete darkness to sleep)


GiBee, You can turn off the video screen during the night (which I do). You just push the button to see what's going on. There is a bit of light that comes from the little lights on it thatjust tell you it's on. I just turn it away from me though. It's not too bad! It's worth it to me!!


Hi- first time reader and I can relate to this more than you know! My 5 yr old son has seizures, too (well, he's seizure-free right now on the keto diet!) but we ALWAYS have the monitor on him still! I will stop by again to read more about your story!


I must confess, we didn't even look at these types of monitors because we had a regular baby monitor given to us as a gift.

If we're blessed with a second adoption, I'll definitely go check these out! Thanks for the tip!


Another great monitor is the Unisar Bebesounds Angel Care Monitor. It has a movement sensor pad with it and if your baby stops breathing it sounds an alarm. I haven't used it myself, but I have friends who swear by it.


you're so right! works for us, too!(wish i had one with the other kids, too)


You are not going to believe what I am thinking. I'm thinking that I could use this to monitor my teen's internet activities since her computer is upstairs in the game room and I am usually downstairs.

Sometimes, a mom just has to get creative about these things, y'know.


I would have loved one of those, but the ancient one from my first baby (now a teen) is still working fine. Darn thing!



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