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May 25, 2006


Faith in Florida

Bring back some pics!!


I used to live in Virginia Beach and went to Williamsburg often. LOVE it there. I am jealous.


who goes on a trip when their baby girl is moving away for the VERY first time????? Trying not to be here as the boxes start fading away! I see your plan. I will however miss you. It's not right us moving and all. We sure are gonna miss yall! Have we said how much we love yall lately??? Well, we do! More than you'll ever know! We are so grateful for you guys! Have fun on your trip! And be thinking about me as I move away from my home for the very first time!!!


Have a fabulous vacation! And don't worry about us. We'll be here when you get back. :)


Have a great time! Take lots of pictures!


Dogs at home? Darn! I was gonna come hang out there and eat all your food! J.K. Have fun! I'll miss you!


Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Tuesday!



Have fun fun fun!! I'm totally in suspense and can't wait to hear what you have to tell us!


Man - I must have come back to your blog 24 times yesterday during the day to catch your Thursday Thirteen. Oh well - the news on Tuesday sounds like it could be worth the wait!!


Why would you just leave us hanging like that? Couldn't you at least give us a clue... I'll just wait right here until you get back.


Now THAT'S just mean, leave us hanging in pure desperation??? LOL

Hope you guys have a fantastic time in Williamsburg. Hope it doesn't rain either, we're all the way in Idaho but are having thunderstorms today and through tuesday of next week.....BLEH!!!

Have a safe trip :)


WHAT??? Why don't you post stuff like this sooner! I only live like 3 hours away from Williamsburg... Maybe I'll just show up in Williamsburg looking for a blond hottie momma with a gorgeous babe (and I meant littleman, but okay ... hubby too).


Woa ... missed the interesting news ... hmmmmm ... Could it be ANOTHER LITTLE MAN in the family???

Man, the suspense is just going to KILL me.


Wow! Sounds like fun... becareful on the road. I hope you will take pictures. I look forward to seeing them.


Have a great vacation weekend!

Oh, and if you ever need info on where to go in Ireland, email me and I'll share what I know. Oronzo and I are talking about going again next year, want to come?! :)


I agree! The suspense will have my mind running mad! Have a blast in W'burg. We do that drive at least once a year (to Fairfax, VA). Thanksgiving at W'burg is amazing! Enjoy all of its rich beauty and history and can't wait to hear the news when you return!
PS - and yea! I can see where your baby girl is coming from - going away for the weekend when she moves out... guess I feel for both of ya!

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