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May 10, 2006



Hmm! I wonder if my comments are getting you the Debi reference. LOL! Sorry!
I'm currently learning sign language (slowly) as we have some deaf people coming to our church. I've always wanted to learn it.


How do you know what words your blog comes up in? I'd like to try.


oh my!
I'm almost afraid to see what I would get goggled on.
my tt is up.


11. easy grow flowers. Yeah, I wish!

...was that me? j/k! I can't grow dirt...

my T13 are up


So how do you find out what your googled under? And I was just wondering where the post about Mommy cleavage is? He! He! This T.T. was funny! Mine's up!


Oh yeah! And I soo want that kiddie poop recipe! Recycle baby!

Mom Nancy

I am curious how you find out this stuff? I can't figure it out.

My list is up, too.


Those are funny! Are you giving out kiddie poop recipes and didn't let us all know? Shame!


What a fun Thursday Thirteen topic! I might have to do that sometime. I know I love, love, love checking out my stats to see how people found my site. Some of them are pretty scary.


Your list is too funny! I've come across your blog recently and love it!!!


Oh, my Thursday Thirteen is up. :-)


#13: LOL... only because I can totally relate! :-)


How do you find out these things.
Wow seeing daughter in a thong thing would be a shock for me.
Heck I would look like a sumo wrestler in one.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful Mom's Day,


Oh, those are funny and a LITTLE bit scary. hehe.


I have sitemeter on my blog, so it tells me who is visiting. If you have site meter, just click on referrals and it will tell where the folks are coming from. If you don't have sitemeter - get it. It's free and fun to see what's going on behind the scenes!!


people are strange, aren't they. i get some freaky things - most recently was someone lookin' for young girls and sex or something. I don't even want to think about why or who all I know is they won't find it at my place.


Oh, that's hilarious!!!

My mommy cleavage is pitiful!


Oh Faith I laughed out loud on #13, really I did! You're awesome.


Some of those searchers need to find Jesus. Wholly cow!

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