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May 18, 2006



I have only been to the Outer Banks. I don't tend to travel too far from home and I am a S. Carolina girl!
Hope you get there someday!


I want to go to all the places too! Some of them I have already been so heres whats left to visit for me.
3. San Francisco

5. Seattle

6. The Outer Banks of NC

7. Maine

8. Sedona

9. Napa Valley

12. San Antonio

13. Big Sur CA


I'd like to see San Diego, too. And heading to Hawaii in January!


Been to all but Seattle. :o) And from my perspective your list is tops.

My T T is up


You will love Lancaster, PA. What a beautiful area and there is great food too! The Grand Canyon will take your breath away. I hope you get to visit every single place.
My list is up...come on over.


I've been to San Francisco and Lancaster County. I was in Hawaii as a kid and was too young to remember it. Lancaster County is a great place to visit!


I've never been to those places either. Good variety!

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I lived in Seattle and it is beautiful! I lived in Hawaii too, but I was 2-4 years old, so that doesn't count! When I took a trip there, it was gorgeous.


Love it! I've been to Maine as a child and loved it! And Lancaster Co - go in the fall. And San Antonio - must see the Alamo and the mall with the river that runs through it! And to New Mexico - it's just like all the pictures you see of it. Plus - dry heat! NOT HUMID!
As for the rest, they are on my list too! So many places I want to see in God's great country here in the USA.


Hi there! I used to live in N.M. It's aiight! I soo want to visit Hawaii too! Well, mine's up! Hey you forgot to put cheeriobutt's house! Ha!


I think we need to talk... but first, I'll give you a chance to republish this post with Wisconsin on the list. If you don't, I can not be held accountable for my actions. I'm just saying...


I want to go back to Europe, Ireland in particular. :) Oh and I'd like to check out Scotland too.


What? Not Texas?

That's okay. Meetchya in Seattle!


Ohhh i love travelling, I want to go to hawaii but you have a nice list, happy travelling!!!

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Margie Mix

You'll love Lancaster. I was there last summer for my Grandparent's 60th and 10 years before that for their 50th. If you go.. go to Willow Valley a Christian Resort. It's beautiful! -Mix


Oooo I want to go to Sedona too.
Thanks for sharing.
My TT is up.
Take care,


Sweet list. Anywhere tropical for me:)


Great list! Wouldn't mind a stroll in the Grand Canyon :D
My TT is up too!


Let's see I've been to: 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, & 12
I'd like to go to: 5, 7, 11
I'd like to go back to: 3 & 4 (one of my favorite places)

But if nothing else, make sure you see the Grand Canyon...pictures do not do it justice because it's the size that is the most amazing thing. :)


Himself and I plan on visiting the Grand Canyon when we do our all American tour for our 25th anniversary.

Hope you had a great TT
Elle x


Oh, Sedona is beautiful. Red Rock and the 'Rock Church' which is 'carved' on a side of mountain - too cool. And when you visit the Gran Canyon - all I can say is: "God's splendor is displayed".:)


You've got some great places!!! Sedona is beautiful...take some time to drive and stop by the Spanish "castle" they have there! It's amazing!

I didn't lost anything except my sense of direction in San Fransisco...lol

Lancaster County is such a peaceful place...no rushing about in a hurry, just nice horse and buggies and....peace!

Seattle is sooooo rainy like 99% of the time...depressing! It's amazing though, people still ride bicycles in the rain!

and the Grand Canyon is ASTOUNDING! :-) Just go!


We just went to San Diego and it was Lovely. I have many of the same places you listed on my list.

I could just take a month and travel.


Okay, more like a couple of years.

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer

How about Oklahoma? Not much beautiful scenery, but I'd love to have coffee with you! :)

Just added you to my blogroll.


Big Sur is nice, but there isn't much there. Of course, if that is what you are looking for, it is gorgeous.

San Diego is nice this time of year.


now lady you MUST squeeze Yosemite in with the San Francisco visit...no where else will you see God's glory as well displayed as there.
thanks for viaiting my tt.


Well, the only one I've been to of those is the Outer Banks, but it's beautiful there! Thanks for stopping by my 13!


i want to go to sedona, toO!

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