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May 24, 2006



He's a delight!


Kim from Hiraeth

What a beautiful boy!


Ahhh Faith! He is a ball of pure love! What an absolute cutey-patutey!


Ohhh! He's just adorable! And thanks for the tips as well for photoshooting. I love to hear the photo tips as I am a wannabe Photographer!

Amy from Ezekiel's Garden

What a gorgeous baby boy!! :)


He is a real cutie pie!

Mom Nancy

What a cutie! Oh, I just want to hug him! He's a doll.


He is sooo precious! I just want to pick him up and snuggle him!!!! LOL!!!


How adorable!!!
You think it's good now? (And it is!) Wait until he starts "talking"! We have a 21-month old & she's been babbling for months, which is funny enough in itself. Now she's starting to actually make sense of words & put them together. She trips me out every single day with something new! It's so much fun!
Your little guy sure is precious! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


OHhhhhh he is precious!

Julie (rarely-home mom)

First - he is absolutely gorgeous! I just found your blog through Works for Me Wednesday and was excited to find another transracial adoptive family! I'll be checking back often. (btw, just read your entry about the baby born on/near Mothers Day who wasn't able to get a home...oh, the tears that didn't need to flow this morning. I'll just say: I hear ya.)


Hi Faith. Those are absolutely adorable pictures. Don't you just envy the way children always take such beautiful pictures?
Do you ever look at him and "see" him all grown up?
I swear I can see my children at eighteen years old. Oh---the trouble I'm gonna have with girls hanging on my boys and boys chasing my girl.
Of course, every parent thinks he/she has the cutest kids, but I think we may just have a tie!


Oh, I LOVE him!! Those bright eyes!! I can almost hear him giggling!


I see you - you cutie!
My own pic is up.
Take care,


Oh man. He takes my breath. Sooo cute!


oh, my stars, Faith! I could JUST EAT HIM UP!!! Look at that beautiful face! And those cheekies!!!

Sigh. He's simply adorable.

And did I mention the other day that I was looking through the Flickr pictures and saw an adorable pic of the three of you? Hubs rocks! I can't remember if I mentioned it to you or not.


He is a hansome little man!


He is indeed adorable! I used to not have the "patience" to work with kids, but at karate now I've realized how fun kids are and I love to play with them now - as long as I can send them home after a few hours! haha


He is sooooooooooo cute!


He is sooooooooooo cute!


You can't help but to smile when you see that precious face :)


Oh, he is soooo adorable! He and Snuggle Bug are just 2 months apart. I love, love, love these precious toddler months. We're having so much fun with our little guy! He can be a bit of a ham in front of the camera too.


What a cute little man!

Just read your comments. You crack me up!


clearly he's darling!!


Sooooo cute!! Love the first photo :D


What a handsome little boy! Too cute! I love his smile as he peeks around the corner.

Faith in Florida



You are right... absolutely adorable! I just love his smile. You can see that it goes all the way to his eyes.

Nohe 5

I love these pictures. We are currently adopting our two older children. There were our foster children. I am always telling people who are thinking of adoption to think outside the box. I love your blog.


I'm with GiBee I could just eat him up! Just adorable.


He's just too cute for words! Man I miss those little toddler days, my youngest is five.


Oh my goodness - he is so cute. I can imagine that he is a delight in your family.:)

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