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May 23, 2006


Mom Nancy

What a cute story! Very romantic!

My Treasure is up, too!


Well, kudos to you for keeping it in one piece all these years.

The first jewelry my husband bought me was a pair of little, ruby studs. I promptly lost one. My bad!

How sweet that y'all have been together all these years!

Kim from Hiraeth

Great story to go along with a special memory!

I better get cracking and get mine up!

Kim from Hiraeth

OK, mine is up! And April, if you're reading, you really do need to go see it. It's right up your alley!


Oh how sweet! I LOVE the story behind it. Someday I'll have to tell the story of how I made my husband pursue me...HA! Poor guy nearly gave up. (So glad God had him hang around until I came to my senses).


I love this story, what a great memory you have together! Thanks for sharing!


That is such a wonderful story! I just love a good pursuit!


okay, treasure up.
thanks for the inspiration!


GREAT story!


That is just the sweetest story, ain't it funny though that some of the best love stories start out with either one not liking the other LOL

Thanks for sharing Faith, that was just too sweet. :)

Mine is up too.


What a beautiful meme-ory! This is my first Treasure Tuesday post to participate in, so I'm hoping I'll only get better! (PS I LOVE stars!)

Minnie Hart

I didn't like my husband at first, either! What a great story. :o)

Mine is up!


Thats adorable. I didn't like my hubby when we first me either.


That is beautiful, what a wonderful story.


Sigh!!! You had me at hello!!

Actually, you had me at "It's a star that is full of heart!"


I love the necklace and your story behind it! Isn't it great how certain pieces of jewelry evoke such powerful memories? I have a ring that I'll have to use for one of my Treasure Tuesdays!

I've done my treasure. Stop by and take a look.


I was brought to your blog by Carol (She Lives). I hope to come back & visit sometime.
Feel free to stop by my blog..
And that's a really cool Treasure! =)


Very nice! I have my treasure posted.


This is the cutest thing! I can't believe you've kept it so long! Good for you!
Great story!


It was the opposite for us! I fell in love at first sight, and had to wait for him to decide! We've now been married for 2 1/2 years, and we dated for 3yrs 4 mons. You just gave me an idea for next weeks treasure!


That is soo romantic! I love to hear how people met and fell in love, especially young love! Sweet..

Kim from Hiraeth

Hmmm. Mr. Linky wants to delete my link.

Think my quilt block is too racy or something?

Diane J.

Oh, Faith, I know this simple piece of jewelry brings back such memories for you!! I have a few things like that, too. I really intend to start participating in Tuesday Treasures, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe next week.......

Thanks for sharing your memories. I love these kinds of posts. :-)


I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

What a wonderful treasure, Faith. And a precious story to go with it.

Jules @ Everyday Mommy

Mine's up! :)


I loved this post. What a treasure and sweet memories to go along with it.

We were the opposite. My husband basically ignored ME for five years. I date his younger brother. Thank heaven he finally got smart!


Ok, that necklace ROCKS!
I love the story behind, but more so that you kept and occasionaly still wear it!

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