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May 29, 2006



that is SOOO sweet!

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

Hey, welcome back! Love that sweet little picture. My now seven year old boy once had a stuffed bunny that he called "Bun". We once left it behind at a hotel and you can imagine the TRAUMA! Praise God for His mercy, because we got Bun back!

Chaotic Mom

That is SO SWEET! I'll have mine up in a little bit here. YOU are the only reason I got up to blog this morning. ;)


Oh yes! We must definitely treasure that which the little ones love on and cuddle! Very important stuff, indeed. Especially the substitutes that allow the favorites to get washed; those are always the ones i hold most dear.


Awwwww... he's so cuddly looking! That's such a smart idea to have more than one. We just got back from a long weekend trip & forgot dear Mr. Snuggles. OOPS! I paid dearly for that. So I'm off today to buy atleast three more. But, ummm, gee, can we post our child as our treasure Tuesday? I bet we all would! :)

Mom Nancy

Oh, how precious! My kids never had loveys so I missed out on some of this. My daughter (16) has a stuffed bear she got when she was born and while it wasn't really a security thing, she carried it around with her and HATED for me to wash it because it would take over 24 hours to dry and she's have nothing to sleep with. There was also the whole trauma of hanging the thing up by the ears on the line!!! Now that she's 16, she still won't let me wash Katie, who is no longer pink!

My treasure it up, too.

mary ann

your sweet boy & bun bun are precious!

thank you faith for coming up with treasure tuesdays...it's one of my fave weekly must-do!

:) mary ann


Your little man sure is precious! And yes...treasures of our little ones are our treasures as well! =D


so sweet!! I am glad that you were able to get extras of the same thing that still work for him. My boys both have ONE particular blanket each that works. No subsituting there.


Oh that's soo sweet. My fourth child had a "Pat the Bunny" that he really latched onto and I let him get his pictures done with it when he was two and I am soo glad I did. Soo sweet. I don't think what I posted counts as a treasure exactly. Ahem. But I do hope you visit!


He is so cute and he looks like he loves his bun bun..... :)


Awwww how adorable is that?

He is just the cutest little boy, just wanna squeeze him :)

Great treasure :)

Mine is up alraedy :)


Every time I see those big chocolate eyes, my heart simply melts over and over again.

What a lucky boy to have such a loving mommy and daddy! And bun bun!


How sweet. I love when my children cuddle up with their lovies!
My Treasure is up. Part II from last week!

Nohe 5

My Rachel had a lovey. It was a brown dog. A couple of weeks ago I caught her as she was telling our baby, Jack, that she didn't need it anymore, so he could have it. Talk about melting your heart.


Okay, when you said you were posting a picture of his bun-bun, I thought you were going somewhere different. Which I'm sure would be cute, but when he gets older he might not forgive you, so it's better this way.

Very cute!


Awww! :) My daughter LOVES her red blankey and my son LOVES his Pooh bear one! :)


Now that is adorable! Snuggle Bug has a bunny that he adores, it was sent to us from a friend in France. I make him keep it in his crib though, just for naps and night time. I'd hate for him to loose it. :)

I've posted my treasure.


Little Man is absolutely adorable--as is Bun-bun! Truly a treasure.


Too cute! He is just so adorable! Have a great Tuesday!

Kim from Hiraeth

Hi Faith,

Mine is up! If you're a Tolkien fan, you need to go check it out!

PS: your little man is so, so adorable.


What a sweet picture of your little man. So adorable as he gives love to his bun-bun.


Awww, that's soo sweet, and he's soo cute! I love his little face! I added my blog to the link above earlier but didn't have time to comment. Thanx!


His big ol' eyes could melt anyone's heart. Precious!


soooo sweet!

i don't play this game, but i have a pic up for wordless wednesday...


PS - love his name - bun-bun


How cute is he? I just want to pitch his cheeks and kiss him to death!

I'm just catching up on my posts so forgive me for being behind!


Wow, that is one gorgeous little boy - and what a sweet treasure! So adorable...

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