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May 11, 2006



Yeah I know what you are talking about. I do not always get that way, but sometimes it is bad. Well good luck to your hubby and I will keep you all in my prayers.


Why is it that men seem to be at their worst and most annoying when I am PMS'ing? It is like they have this sixth sense and tend to be extra irritating or something. At least my husband does.

Although, I suppose it could just be that he SEEMS worse during that time, but I am still going with it being his fault. It is always the man's fault, right? ;-)


Although I miss your name in my inbox - you will never fall out of my 'grace' - I have been busy myslef lately, so I know what you mean not visiting as much as usual.
6!!! wisdom teeth - Yikes! I hope your daughter is okay.

Diane J.

Hmmmmmm......6 wisdom teeth? Never heard that one. I am an eighth Cherokee and some other Indian blood, but all of my family only has the usual 4. Maybe from a different tribe, or maybe our blood is too watered down.

As for the PMS, I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is definitely done with having babies. It made a new woman out of me, and my husband and family is grateful, too. LOL :-)


Yes, Yes, Yes!

(I forgive you, I do that too, and I still love you!)


Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer

Hang in there, and just do what you need to get done! We'll all still be here when you're finished.

And yes, I'm mean as a snake that time of the month.


Must be what's wrong with me lately........bleh. Glad you're still around! I'd miss you bad if you disappeared into the real world! :)

Oldest Son - the attorney

In my defense, after being used as target practice for Little Man's projectile vomiting episode I did spend the next night (and into the following morning) vomiting.

Faith in Florida

I have never heard of 6 wisdom teeth. I am almost 30 and have never had mine come it at all...


Premenstral? I haven't been prementral for nearly four years! I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding. But, my husband is growing weary of me being so mean out of exhaustion. Does that count?
Anyway, I only have 3 wisdom teeth. I tell people it's because I'm so wise, if I had another one, I would be intolerable. God didn't want me too have too much wisdom, just enough! LOL!


Oh, I am so with you! On being behind, that is ... because I'm a perfect angel when it comes to PMS.

Actually, my doctor just put me on the three month birth control pill (not to avoid getting pregnant, but for other health issues)... I wonder if I'll have two months LESS PMS to deal with?

Chaotic Mom

Grrr... Since starting with coffee again, my PMS has been lasting ALL week, instead of a day. I think it's ending today, finally.

I've fallen behind on posts, too. Been kind of a wierd "change of seasons" for me. I'm sure glad we have the LBY study, though. It's been the one constant in my crazy mind lately. I haven't read many posts even for that, but I'm getting my mind right with God. That's what counts, right? ;)


Your poor son! Sounds like he paid for it the next day :(

I do miss ya, but I'm blogcationing now... I need to find a way to still enjoy blogging but not be on it all day ya know?!

This weather is just gorgeous. Have wonderful Mama's Day weekend Faith :)


In anthropology they clasify a skull as human mostly by it's teeth . . . which is interesting since as you know people are not getting thier wisdom teeth or getting too many . . . So I tease my hubby who never got two of his teeth - as something other than human! ;-)


I just love that your son came in and defended himself... on a post where everyone is commenting about PMSing. He soooooooo loves you.


I used to be so easy to get along with when I was PMS-ing, but ever since the kids were born, it's like my hormones are all wanky and I get irritable and sick and everything. It's like I'm a girl or something.


I have two bottom wisdom teeth and 1/4 wisdom tooth on each side of the upper. I wonder what ancestry that is a by-product of. Crazy Cajun Columbians, maybe?

Tell your son to go throw up on the city planners. They're allowing too much (commercial) construction without the road infrastructure to support the growth.

Okay, I feel much better now.


I had six wisdom teeth too! I have never heard of anyone else that did. I am not aware of American Indian blood in our family, but nothing would surprise me. We are a Heinz 57 kind of bunch. My condolences to your daughter. Getting six teeth cut out at once stinks. I remember!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Dont worry Faith I am behind too so behind....
I however can relate with the pms symptoms.... I am just as mean if not meaner.... I SAY SUCH HORRID THINGS... I do repent them but still I try my best not to do it but I cant help it.


I'm with ya, I'm PMSing too and boy everyone better stay out of my way LOL

I don't think we women are that bad when we PMS, I think that we must send off some sort of vibes that men pick up on, then they start acting annoying and just tick us off. At least that's what I'm choosing to believe LOL


It's all good. Happy Mother's Day.

Diane J.

Faith, I'll let you decide if this is off-topic or not, but.....



Oh my!
6 wisdom teeth! That's brutal. I had all 4 of mine cut out at the same time...2 bone impacted 2 tissue impacted...it was worse than having a baby...nothing has ever come close to the misery of my wisdom teeth surgery...YUK! I'll pray for your daughter..

As far as PMS...I am mean AND depressed AND emotional...I say things and think things that make me look back (when it has passed ) and I say WHO WAS THAT WOMAN?

You're too funny!



Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. :)


Happy Mother's Day Faith!


the older I get....the worse the PMS.....like wow!! where did the she-devil come from is often said by dear old hubby!!!
and wow 6 wisdom teeth that is totally bizarre!


Hope life settles down for you. Also hope you had a happy Mother's day!


Hi. Just missing you.

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