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May 31, 2006



This is the kind of great tip only the mom of an active toddler could dream up! You just can't be careful enough, no matter where you are. You certainly don't want him trying to discover if your car keys fit into that little hole in the wall!


If you ever forget and are desperate, you can always buy a roll of tape (packing tape works best) and tape over the outlets. Just make sure to take it off when you leave.


After experience, I've learned to do that, too. I'm so jealous of your trip! That is one of my dream vacations, especially at Christmas when they have the holiday decor going.


I've done this! It's worth it for the peace of mind!! Have a good day!!


That is a great tip, only a great mommy could think of doing something like that :)

Thanks for sharing :)


great idea!


Great idea. We're getting ready to travel soon so we'll be sure to implement this.

I take an extra night-light or two on our trips. My kids are used to sleeping with one and it makes them so much more comfortable when we are in a strange place.


my friend alwasy did this - such a good idea. i have them at my house - and i have taken them with me on a trips sometimes...

my wfmw is up too

Katherine @ Raising Five

Whew! For a minute there I thought you were going to suggest a KID LEASH! This makes so much more sense! 15 months is probably THE hardest age for the squirmies. Little Man sounds like such a cutie pie.


Ooooh .... never thought of that.

Works for me too!

And, still pouting that you were so close to me and yet ... so far away. Sigh! I would have made a special trip to meet y'all for lunch or dinner or ... ANYTHING!


That's a cool idea!! :)


A good idea!

Be sure to stop by and participate in Tasty Thursday at my site tomorrow! :)


When mine were little, I always felt I needed a U-Haul to take a weekend trip anywhere, what with all the baby equipment. Yeah, best to travel with the safety stuff.

I like the idea of taking a nightlight - not for the kids, but because I can't find my way around the unfamiliar hotel room in the dark and always stubb my toe or run into a wall or something.

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