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May 24, 2006



those are great tips!!!

no wonder your hsots are so great - i didn't realize you are a pro.

my tip is up too




These are great ideas that I wish I had known when my older children were smaller! Especially the shoe thing. Thanks for sharing!


Neat ideas! And...solid colors usually work best, eh? :)

Im new to your blog! Feel free to visit my blog too (you will need to 1. Register for FREE on the right side of the page first though before you can post a comment…this personalizes everybody’s visits a bit more). Once you are registered you can 2. click on “Leave Your Comments” next to any blog entry and then click 3. “Post Reply” on the green page that should come up for you (then login with your username and password and type your comments in the big message box and click submit). I hope to have you visit my site soon and I’ll try to visit your’s often as well!

God Bless! J


Thank you for the tips. Can you share these with the yahoos over at Picture People- grrrr... :)

Thanks again- my tip is up too :)


i love me some itty bitty baby toes, and the trendy clothes tip is a great idea.


Thank you so much for putting up these tips! So often I go to take pictures of the kids and whoa! that is not what I was looking for! Wrong clothes, wrong background. Now I know better. Thanks!


I am a photo freak and I really enjoyed your tips...my fav was the barefoot tip! I just had my lil' girls pic taken in some clunky shoe but the rest of the shots we took them off!


Thanks for these great tips! Photo places should have this pre-printed on a card or something to hand out to parents!


Hmmm ... can you share some tips for those of us that can't seem to get the auto focus to focus right on a digital camera? Or even focus fast enough? GRRRR!


Faith, You ROCK! I love these tips!!! Thanks for sharing them!


I LOVE that you are giving tips for picture taking. Now can you just explain to me what an F-stop is and the ISP is? I seriously need a lesson in how to use my camera!

Katherine @ Raising Five

Thanks for the tip! Do you have a button on your site for all your photography tips? I think it would be awesome. I know myself too well, I'll forget...was it light on light or dark on light??


wonderful! i never thought i might be 'dating' my kids' photos in exactly the same way mine were as a kid. and how i hated that!

kelly jeanie

I love your photo tips! I'm going to be toting a barefoot, simply-clothed kid to his next picture session. Thanks!


VERY helpful! Bare feet? Where were you when mine were little and I was fretting over just the right shoes for pics?


Thanks for these great tips. It's amazing the little things that make a difference between an "OK" picture and a great one!

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