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June 25, 2006



Oh, how sad! God bless those girls.


Incredible...thanks for sharing! Easy to forget that there is suffering in others lives. Even the cranky cashier, we never know what she has been through. To think of spending one's whole childhood in foster care is heartbreaking indeed.


After hearing that story - why wouldn't more people want to adopt?? What is with people?? Why are they so selfish?? Maybe we need to start making it a law that every family needs to adopt one child (of course - that wouldn't work but it just kills me to hear that story!!! Why can't there be something better for these girls.)


what a powerful reminder that we really don't don't know what is going on in people's lives. Thank you for sharing.
I am praying for these girls and they many others in their situations.


We can all learn from this. Thanks for the reminder!!!


Wow! You were meant to stop at that Wendy's at that time. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience. I pray that these girls find their way.

Adventures in Babywearing

(Pause while I wipe the tears from my eyes) That was so sweet, and I pray the same for those girls, that they will be something great someday- they already are in their own hearts. All it takes is for one person to believe in them.


You know what amazes me about that story? The girls could have been bitter or angry at little man, he has what they always wanted. But their hearts were soft and they were so happy for him. That seems rare among people that age. I wonder what god has planned for them? Thanks for posting this, I just said a prayer for those girls.


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Oh you brought tears to my eyes with this story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. I will surely think about this story daily as I hold my own "little man".

Eli's Mom

What a great post..thank you! Adoption and foster care have been 'popping up' everywhere I turn recently... I feel God is calling me to get involved some way, probably for the very reason shown in this example. These poor girls need love. Pure and simple. So many kids don't have a wonderful family like yours to call home. God bless you for giving security to little man...


They were obviously sent into your life for a reason. I can't decide if it was for you to minister to them or vice versa! Sometimes, God just tells us we have to slow down for a bit and look around us, y'know?


oh my. I actually cried reading this post. I really feel sad for all the foster children in this world. There are soo many kids out there that will never know the love of a family. This was a great post!


That was a great post. I too grew up in the "system." At 4 years old we were permanently placed into the system. Incredibly lucky, my younger brother and sister and I were able to stay together until after I graduated from high school. That almost never happens. Our lives were full of uncertainty, moving without notice, and sadly our experiences weren’t all good. Somehow we made it out, and we are all doing well after years of struggle. Even so, when I hear a young child has been (I don’t know how else to put it) saved by a loving family and adopted I smile knowing that their life will be better. Thank you for opening your home and heart to your son. I know your family will be blessed by your generosity.


Beautiful, Faith. Beautiful.

linda f

This story makes me want to adopt if I wasn't already too old for anyone to let me. It is also soooo expensive to adopt. It's sad, because not everyone who longs to adopt are able to build a big enough savings, but some of these kids would thrive in those families just the same.


What an incredible story. Thank you for sharing. We take so much for granted, don't we?


Faith Faith you always get the tears flowing! How sad and bittersweet, many prayers for those kind girls.

Nohe 5

What an amazing story!!! I often think about what our kids lives would be like if they weren't with us and I try not to be vain in thinking they are better with us than with anyone else. But your story shows the alternative. We must find a way to make adoption, especially non-traditional adoption an attractive option for more families.


What a sweet story, Faith. I pray Jesus for them, too.


Heartbreaking and touching all at the same time... makes me wish I could take in every hurting child and just love on them if even for a day! Good for you for taking time out for them that day!!


Oh, Faith ... what a touching story. I have tears in my eyes. If it had been me, it would have taken a dozen horses to keep me from taking those girls home with me! What a blessing little man is being to so many people!!!


Wow!! What we don't know and how lucky we turely are. Thank you so much for reminding me of how good I have it. I will keep the girls in my prayers.


What a truly sweet and touching story--thank you for sharing! My dh and I are interested in possibly adopting someday; and after reading this, I am really thinking we should pursue it!

I just said a prayer for those girls. What soft hearts they have!

By the way, I am very happy that I found your blog!

the mad momma

this is so touching...
and i am more touched by your adoption... my parents are young grandparents too ... and often think of adoption... but they worry about what would happen to the baby once they are no more...even though they are young... my brother and i have vowed to take over in a heartbeat but they feel they will be doing the baby an injustice.... i am going to send this page to my mum and hope this gives her the courage....

PastorMac's Ann

Great post. Great blog! Really love the B&W photos of you and your guy. He's amazing!

Thanks for leaving the link at Pastormac's.

PastorMac's Ann

Great post. Great blog! Really love the B&W photos of you and your guy. He's amazing!

Thanks for leaving the link at Pastormac's.


This truly touched me. There are so many fatherless children out there. All they want is to be loved.

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