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June 20, 2006


Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

Faith, I love that! I have my dear grandmother's wedding ring. It's one of my greatest material treasures.

Diane J.

Faith, even more precious than the piece of jewelry are the memories that are tied to it. The legacy your Granny left you will carry on to your children and grandchildren long after the pendant is just a memory to your descendants. THAT is the treasure that the pendant represents.

Thank you for sharing, Faith. :-)


Man, that brought tears to my eyes! I wouldn't ever take it off either! You sound like such a sweet person, I'm soo glad I found your blog!


Yes Diane that is most assuredly the real treasure. These "things" are nothing without the memories/stories that go with them.


How beautiful - the story and the necklace both. Thanks for sharing it.


Exquisite! Yes, the necklace, but moreso the memories of your reltionship. Thank you for sharing your pendant and your Granny with us.

Mine's up. Did you give up on Mr. Linky?


Great treasure! I have alot of my late grandmother's jewelry and "stuff." True treasures indeed!
And the necklace might not be worth much money, but it's priceless!! =)

Mom Nancy

I love the necklace and what a great story behind it!

My treasure is up.


I have no idea where mr. linky is. Oh well!!! He vanished into the blogoshere!!


What a precious keepsake, Faith.


A beautiful story! I've never seen a clasp like that, either - it's quite lovely...


That is so beautiful, the necklace and the story behind it. How special.

I did put a treasure up today too.


You come up with the best treasures, I just can't believe it. Beautiful necklace and story.


Faith, what a precious treasure! It is very easy to see why this would be a treasure to you! Thanks for sharing such beautiful and precious memories... with us!!


I love this story. Soo touching.


Faith you really have some lovely priceless treasures in your life. The pendant and the meaning is simply beautiful.

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