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July 21, 2006


Faith in Florida

That was too cute:)


Very fun! I have to say that it was kind of weird writing in my baby's voice, but "her" meme is up at my place - thanks for tagging me (or her)!


oh how cute! i see a lot here that my little man has in common with your little man!


Snuggle Bug has just finished his meme. Stop by and take a peek. :)


That was a cute meme and fun to read.

RYC on my blog, I have a program that Greg bought me called Scrapbook Factory Deluxe. It has a lot of great backgrounds and embellishments. It also allows for the use of other graphics to be imported in from my computer. For those, I visit digital scrapbooking sites online. The one I visit most frequently is computerscrapbook.com. They often have specials where you can download free embellishments. Or you can pay a small fee and download some of their other element kits or backgrounds. Once downloaded to your computer, you can use the items over and over of course.


Wow!!! I'm so impressed that Little Man can sign 45 words! I think I'll be visiting Amazone.com today and order that video! Wow... just ... wow!

Also, Hunter Looo-huuvs YoBaby! Did I mention he loves YoBaby?

Loved these answers. So funny! Thanks for playing along!


that was so cute!! like the don't invade my magic circle!


"Don't invade the magic circle"

My daughter has one, too.


Hi there! I like how you changed your site! Little man sounds like my little man! How cute!


What great answers...this was fun to read and he is so adorable!

That's cool that you guys are also Signing Time fans! It has helped us with communication so much! We learned right along with Kayla...and we both sing all the songs as well LOL

I think we might also have the God Made Me videos - it sounds like the one we received from MOPS last year. This year we got the BOZ sampler (have you seen/heard of Boz?) Kayla really enjoyed it so we had to buy the full one!

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