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July 25, 2006



That is a gorgeous piano!

Here's a thought, why not take piano lessons and learn how to play? It's never too late! :)


Oh, hey, Faith can you send me your email address this morning. I have a question for you. My email is [email protected].



how weird is this - I have a piano, can play, and want to get rid of mine. It is SO heavy, solid oak, and I want an electric piano that is actually in tune.

but all that said - you should take lessons so you can enjoy such a lovely treasure


So beautiful! I have a lovely upright piano, and seeing my daughter learn to play it has been such a thrill! I'm sure yours will get lots of use someday.


Your piano's beautiful. Who cares if you can play? I play by ear so I'm pretty sure it doesn't impress anyone but me, but I don't care. My Tuesday Treasure is a gift from my husband, too. I've had it ready to go since Saturday but blogger won't let me upload a photo. I'm NOT posting without the photo so it may be NEXT Tuesday before anyone sees it. errggghhhh


Beautiful treasure! I have a certain affinity for grands (and baby grands). I do play (since I was 4 years old) and my parents bought me a grand when I was about 13. It's in our home today. =) I've debated about whether or not to post it. I'm glad you posted yours.
What a great treasure from your hubby! =)
Mine's up! =)


What a gorgeous Piano....I've wanted one for years and hopefully one day will get one, not that I know how to play LOL

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful treasure :)


I LOVE the piano. I can play, pretty well I might add, but we have no room in our home for a piano. We are hoping to move before Jacob gets much older so that we can purchase one and I can teach him to play.




That is to die for. I'm drooling... I would take lessons back up if I could run my fingers all over that beauty, Listen, if we ever do meet, someday I will play the theme song from CATS on that baby of yours. Yummm Yummm it's pretty! I'd want it just for show and tell too if I couldn't play! (and what a man... awwww!)


Thanks for stopping by to check out my treasure today! =)
I wasn't sure if you'd go back to my post to check comments, so I thought I'd come here & answer your question. =)
The claddagh stands for friendship, loyalty and love. I linked a wikipedia article to the word in my post, if you'd like more info. =)
And I've been meaning to tell you: I very recently read "Redeeming Love". Oh. My. Goodness! What an amaaaaaaaazing book! =)


That is a beautiful piano...and how thoughtful of your hubby! Hopefully one day you will have someone playing on that piano :)


It's beautiful! I have a wonderful upright that lives at my parents house, so sad, I miss it. I do actually play now and then tho ;).

Diane J.

Whoever said that a treasure had to be logical to anybody but you? I've always wanted to play the piano, but I've never had the opportunity to learn. My daughter is self-taught, though. :-)


It's beautiful as is your home, they match your heart!!!

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