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September 21, 2006



Hi Faithful Mommy. You are awesome!!! I love your posts.


I am checking this out to see if comments are working.

if you are having trouble with comments, email me at [email protected]


I have no idea if your comments are working but it sure seems like with all these people linked, there should be some!

I love your list. That fiercely protective thing is something I'll bet every last one of us would say. Me too! And boy do I understand about the hot flashes. Miserable. This is a great list.


Well, I can't wait to see your Jeans and t-shirts in Texas!


Yes, and we also talked about how different we are... I wear all designer clothes, no jeans or t-shirts ever, purse and shoes match every single outfit along with my undies too. Let's see how else are we different? Oh yeah I lie about my attire and you don't!!!!


So, what do you do with all those purses?


That's cute that you wear jeans almost every day. You know, I hardly ever wear jeans. I only own one pair. I just feel too constricted in jeans. They feel too heavy to me. :)

I used to have long hair. I cut it all off after Snuggle Bug was born, and now I'm trying to grow it all back. It's made it down to my shoulders.

I love, love, love bookstores as well!

Fun post, thanks for sharing!


Ooooo! I love purses too! It is sweet of you to fluff the pillows and make the room look nice~I bet in some way hubby does notice! Have a nice day!


I used to keep an ASL book wherever I went to.


In regard to #s 8 & 9, sometimes they're just so pretty to look at. I love pretty things, but when it comes down to it, I usually end up going for comfort over style.

And as for #11, I totally understand. There is just nothing quite like spending some quality time at the bookstore!


Hm - great list... Actually I could have come from me writing it - lol...
Really - I had to node at every single one - how scarry is that?
Have a blessed evening.


Yeah - even the fluffing the pillow, but minus the last statement :)...

Blond Girl

I'm that way with American Express and Ameriprise Financial Tee-shirts. That's what I get for working for the company for so long. Not counting the ones I gave to my hubby, I have, if I remember correctly, 17 of them!

Great list!


I love to learn about others. It was neat to hear what you like in the way of clothes.
Why seaside?
Happy TT

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