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September 06, 2006



Great list!!!

Happy TT!


Woohoo! Ditto #7!


Nice list! It was hard...I think that was part of the point, wasn't it?

Southern Girl

This was a great list, and yay for #7! :)

My TT is up, too:


I wish I could wash my hair only twice a week. It sure would save me a lot of time!


It might have been hard, but it's a great list


It's wonderful to learn things about you. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Thursday!


You look too young to be a grandma! Blessings to you!!


Oh yes you are sweet, hubby is right on. I loved your list, seems like I know you just a little bit better now. ~hugs~

Laurel Wreath

and you have a huge heart. Great TT


What a coincidence! Those are some of the same reasons I like you, too!

Sunshine Blues

I liked this challenge because at first glance it appeared to be easy then I found 13 was a lot to have to like about myself! Great list you gave! #7 & #8 were good ones! Mine is up. Happy Thursday!


Good list, yay for 7, me too!
That was a hard one for me to do too.


I think you take awesome pictures :)...
Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Mrs. Fun

I have to wash my hair every other day. Do you wear it up often?


Great 13! I can do the straight/curly thing too, but my hair is dark, not blonde!


Great list! I can relate to the thick hair! I love it. Also, I love to hear a person is honest! :0

My TT is up

Chelle Y.

That was a great list! It was nice that your husband was able to help you with it too! :)

I just bought that book, "Redeeming Love!" It was excellent!

Jersey Girl

This was a really nice list to read. :) Glad you play nice in the sandbox too!

Nancy the Romancechick

I like you, too! I know you're not mean and are sweet!

I have a new website and blog. Let me know what you think!


I totally see numbers 5 and 8, 9, 10 & 11 being ever so true!!!


Nothing on this list I would argue with! Sweet, so sweet you drip honey and sugar as you speak sweet, that's how I describe you to everyone.


Awesome list! You go girl!

Blessed Beyond Measure

If you only had #5 that would be enough for me. I cannot abide mean people, seriously. Today some man at Target, when I nicely asked him if the last bag on the belt was mine or his (since the last 15 or so were mine)frowned at me, almost snarled really, and said "they're mine." Whew....looks like a bit of a mean person....seriously life is so short, why on earth would people be mean to each other?


I knew it! And I look so forward to the day we meet! So when ya gonna take some pics of my chitlin's!?!


I did a TT like this a few weeks ago and it was HARD. But your list is great. I love the nails and yeah, seems to me I've heard somewhere you know a thing or two about taking photos! Great list.

Jenny Ryan

Great list! Way to go in acknowledging so many wonderful things about yourself :)

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