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October 05, 2006


my 2 cents

Your beach trip sounds like fun! So does re-decorating a bedroom... good luck deciding on the colors!


happy birthday to your hubby.
great list. glad to make my way back to you this week.
my tt is up.

Jenny in Ca

Nice random list, I think the beach trip sounds fun too, but cold! I don't like snakes either.

have a great week,
Jenny in Ca


Love your list and i totally agree you cant control the weather. I wanna get family pics outside but dont wanna worry about the weather :) I love your pics on the header :)


Sounds like some tough clients!


Hehe - very nice list :) Happy TT!


Great list. :) The beach trip sounds lovely - I hope the weather cooperates for you then! Happy Thursday. :)


#2 I totally agree! Have a fun trip!

Laurel Wreath

#2 heavens yes.

Let me know when you have your seaside shirts done =)) Sounds cool

Heather S

I'm totally with you, no snake is a good one! It's just not natural to like them!

Barbara H.

I don't have grands yet, but I am looking forward to them! Fun list!


I discovered your blog the other day when someone came to my blog through the Family-Friendly Blogroll. Then I discovered the Thursday Thirteen through your blog! I love your devotion to your son. I have often wanted to adopt a bi-racial baby, but my husband has always been firmly opposed. He says we need to raise the two girls God gave us and that he doesn't want to be raising children when he is an "old man". I just pray for God's will for our family. Thanks for sharing your journey.


Girlfriend -- you probably look spectacular -- extra poundage and all -- and it's probably not as much as you think, either! My suggestion ... bring the chocolate outfit Texas ... oh, and pronounce it like: sho-co-laat. Gives it an air of sophistication, don't you think? And we'll be so distracted by the shocolaat outfit that we won't notice the poundage. Wait a sec... I've never seen you ... so ... forget that ... I'll be the one saying ... "GIRL! You've lost so much weight since the last time I saw you ... here ... eat a piece of cake! You're wasting away to nothing!"

Oh, and ... happy b-day, Faithful Daddy! Pay no attention to my previous ramblings!


Good and snake never ever belong together . . . Unless that snake just ate the only mouse in your house, but then you gotta wonder why he's in your house!


You are so right about #2! Happy TT! My list is up.


Happy birthday to your husband! October is our *big* month. Both our birthdays and our anniversary. I just love this month! (Well, not getting older!)


NO good snake?? They eat all the bad bugs!!! :)

I do have to agree though - I wouldn't want to find a snake in my garden!!!


That was a very good list. It was an enjoyable read.

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