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October 26, 2006


Laurel Wreath

Have a great time!!!!


Have a great trip. I am jealous!!

Chelle Y.

I hope you have a fun time in Texas!



NOT like you? No way. We'll love you just as much as we already do...actually, I'm sure we'll love you more after meeting you for real!! I can't wait. Be safe, and I'll see ya tomorrow night!! :-)


You have a very nice blog! Just by glancing at your music and books listed, it seems we have a lot in common. I'll be back again to check out your site a bit further!

Thanks for sharing!



hi - came to your blog via boomamas...

Have a great time in Texas!

I am feeling your pain in the Too Many Books I am Currently Reading department!! Big NEON sign pointing to ME on that!!!

Anyway - Have a safe and fun trip!


my 2 cents

Have a safe trip to Texas and a wonderful time!!

I hope your cold doesn't get any worse! I feel like I am getting a cold, too. :(

Hope everything goes well w/ Little Man's tear duct appointment. I really hope he doesn't have to have surgery!


It's a pathetic sight... yes even an embarrasing sight... but it is true. I am kicking and screaming and throwing a fit because I can't be with all of you this weekend! Can you hear my fit I'm having clear over here on the West Coast?

Ok.... enough of that....
*sniffle, sniffle*

Have a GREAT time!!!!!


Oh have a blast! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics too!

Twisted Cinderella

I hope you have a great trip. This is my first visit to you blog and I really like it. I have added you to my links so that I can check back again. See you when you get back.


Okay I just totally messed up--I put my name on the Thursday thirteen list, when I was actually trying to leave a comment, to tell you how great it was to meet you Saturday! You are as charming in person as on your blog.


I am so happy to find your blog! The baby is amazingly cute! I am an 18 year old student right now, but would love to adopt kids eventually. It is an amazing opportunity.


Did I catch this cold from you? It was worth it! I loved meeting you, Faith! (P.S. my sister wants to ask you questions about location, location, location. I'll send her your email addy if that's okay?)


i just adore you now even more than before faith!


Praying! Thanks for visiting me over at my blog and leaving such a kind comment. God bless!

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