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October 10, 2006



I wish I was better skilled with a camera. I'm a sucker for a great picture!

Have a GREAT day!


Great treasure - and one you know I can identify with :)


Oronzo has a medium format camera, as well as digital. Many of the Ireland pictures he took were with medium format and he used to use it a lot with weddings. I don't think he's used medium format in a long time though. Maybe he needs to sell his as well and just focus on digital. I'll have to ask him what he thinks.

He treasures his camera equipment as much as you do. :)


So, being all digital all the time, what is your favorite camera? I want to take some informal "portraits" of my kids this fall while the leaves are still on the trees, and wonder if my camera will do what I want it to do. I can't really afford to get a professional level camera, and I know my favorite professional won't be back into town until after the leaves have fallen . . . what's a girl to do? : )


I love me a good photo, but have never really taken the time to learn how to take one myself. I do enjoy my digital though. It's nothing fancy as far as digitals go - just a Canon PowerShot - but I always have it with me when we go out to the country. So many pretty things to see.


Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Been SO super busy, but I've accomplished alot!



I want you to know I have been trying to link my treasure to you for weeks and in my other browser your entire page is hyperlinked to the Some Gave All page...so no matter where I clicked, I was immdiately redirected to SGA. It was frustrating.
I wonder if anyone else had the same problem since your mr. Linky sign-ups have declined.

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