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November 20, 2006



How fun!! We were thinking about taking the girls to the Polar Express as well. We went one year when my nephew (now 10) was only 2 or 3. We haven't booked our reservations, so we're not sure if we'll get to go or not. We're not big Santa pushers, not because we have anything "wrong" with him, but neither one of us believed in Santa long as kids, so no fuzzy memories so we just figure we'll see if Isabella likes him. :) I think if we had a "special Santa" like you do maybe we would take her, but I surely am not going to wait in the crazy lines at the mall.

Diane J.

Now you just HAVE to post a pic of the little man in his "goin' to see Santa" outfit! I have some of Jessica's photos with Santa and I really do treasure them.

Let us know how the Polar Express turns out. I don't think they have that around here....I haven't heard anything about one, anyway....


Sounds like a fun time. I hope it goes great with the new Santa. The outfit sounds adorable. As far as the socks, maybe next time you could dye some (my husband loves to dye hunting stuff!) but I never think that far ahead.

Ted Dekker's "The Promise" was a good Christmas story. Of course it had a sad element, as a lot of his work does. It's extremely fast to read, but very good. I really like him. I need to read House, but I have to say that I HATED "Showdown," I think it was called. Did you read that? What did you think? I wish I hadn't read it - and I never say that about a book! I'm anxious to hear what you think!

Laurel Wreath

My sister was telling me about the "Polar Express" train ride, I would love to know (one how much does it run, and two what you thought of it) =))

Twisted Cinderella

sounds like a wonderful time.


Oh, y'all are being all Santa-fied! Makes me want to cry. The discussion in the car yesterday was about how there's no Santa (a fact my 9-yr old has finally come to grip with). So, I said, "Since there's no Santa, He doesn't have to come put stuff under the tree at 1:AM on Christmas Eve anymore, right? We can just open presents. No more milk-n-cookies and etc. for me to have to fool with, right?

The car got really quiet. After a time, he said, "Okay. I do still believe in Santa after all."

Some things are just too much fun to let go of!


That sounds like a lot of fun. I can not believe it is that time of year again! Wow how time flies - especially for us mommies!

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