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November 08, 2006



Chicken spaghetti?? Now that sounds weird in and of itself!!

Ok, so I see the tag challenge... and I accept. Give me a little but I'll get mine up. :-)


I am so with you on 1,2,&5 - but 6, I'm a huge bargain shopper. I normally go into children's boutiques so that I can look at what I want for my girls, complain that its "so expensive, I could make it for 1/3 the price" :)

Laurel Wreath

I love a lot ice also, I too like boutique shops also =)


I was wondering if you can help me out with a fellow blogger just looking into adoption? I believe she is african american and would be looking for an african american child. She needs some help on where to get started and I was wondering if you could help out? You can email me at [email protected] if you think you would be willing to talk with her or can help.


Hmmm ... I "used to" be able to read more than one book at a time... now I'm lucky if I can get ANY reading done! How do you do it?!?


I like ice in my drinks too...and books on tape? I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the story, my mind would wander listening to someone else read to me!

Thanks for the tag - I actually did this meme awhile ago, it was only 6 weird things though :)


Okay, that's weird. All of it. I can listen to books on tape 24/7...as long as I'm doing something while I'm listening.

I like that you've got nine weird things about you, Faith. You just don't seem at all weird in person.

Twisted Cinderella

wow, I have never heard of a chicken allergy. That would about kill me. I eat more chicken than anything else.

Diane J.

You don't sound all that weird to me, but I've been called weird and worse things, so who am I to judge?

How's Baby A doing with the broken foot?? Hope all is well....


Ok, mine's finally up.

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